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New Things #1

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about focusing more of my attention on the new things in my life. It can be very easy to do just keep doing what I’ve always done, return to what I’m comfortable with, etc., but I’m finding that also being open to new things and being excited about unique experiences is beneficial, too! Even if I find out that something isn’t as great as I’d thought it would be (I can’t think of a current example, but it does happen lol), it was totally worth a shot.

READING TO IZZY. She really enjoyed it when I read the Blue’s Clues book you can partially see in the photo above, as well as a Sesame Street board book! She is regularly adding to her word bank – some of the things she can say are: bubbles, bath, mama, ok, thank you, oh no, ball – and we’re regularly encouraging her to say more. 🙂 Teaching her how and when to use certain words, as well as showing her the accompanying sign language, is keeping her interested in communicating with us!

PLAYING ON THE FRONT PORCH. This past weekend, our main family project was child-proofing the front porch for Elizabeth and Izzy to enjoy playing outside on! We did this successfully – or I should say my dad and mom did, all I did was help pour the new sand into the sandbox haha – and we’ve all had fun utilizing this space as the weather gets cooler. The sand situation can be hectic, so we have to pour a lot of it back into the box when the girls dump it out, but it’s been okay so far. I love the early fall weather, although I’m wary of the spiders that have shown up and started camping out in their webs far too close to where we walk!

THIS RUG. When I went shopping with my mom for two outdoor rugs for our front porch, I had no idea I’d be coming home with an epic new rug for my room! I’m a pretty picky shopper (try saying that a few times fast!), so when I got excited about this rug the moment I spotted it on display, I couldn’t pass it up. Colorful things make me so happy, and the shade of all the colors in this rug are seriously perfect.

MY PROFILE PICTURE. I try not to change my picture too much, as it can be distracting when a blogger keeps changing up their online persona every few weeks lol, but it had been a few months since I changed mine! I liked this selfie I took, which is actually from the same photoshoot that I got the Vogue interview picture.

THE FLATLAY PHOTOGRAPHY CHALLENGE. Taking a picture every day in October for this challenge has gotten me once again interested in and excited about photography! I’m so happy I feel like a photographer again. ❤ Capturing the world through my point-of-view is such an awesome art form.

TRANSFORMING THE WAY I BLOG. Growing as a blogger often includes asking yourself again and again, Why am I blogging? Having a concrete answer for this question is essential, because that means investing time in my blog continues to be a worthwhile journey. Over the course of October, I’ve started sharing more personal posts, because I’ve discovered how beneficial celebrating my daily life is over waiting for exciting things to happen to me and then talk about it. Being real is important, because even if some of the experiences seem so ordinary, they are really enjoyable to talk about!

PLAYING UNO WITH JOSHUA. I may not do this for much longer, as I keep losing all of my coins and the game keeps prompting me to pay them (which I never do lol – usually if an app is forcing me to pay it, I decide it’s not worth it!). Either way, when I do have enough coins to play, Joshua and I have a lot of fun doing the intense 2V2 matches where we’re on a team! That usually includes using a ton of ‘Skip’ cards, stacking ‘Wild Draw 4’ cards, and just overall destroying the other team, haha!

Thank you so much for reading! This post was a lot of fun to write, and I plan to share more of them in the future. ❤

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