Playing Doctor with Elizabeth

Starting today, I will be sharing a lot more of the adventures I have with my little siblings! We do so much together, which means there will be a lot for me to cover. 🙂

On Sunday morning, I was staying with Elizabeth and Izzy while my mom went to a few stores. I decided to see if Elizabeth would be interested in roleplaying with me, so I got a bunch of stuff out of our dress-up container: a scrubs shirt for me, a play doctor’s bag filled with play medical tools and supplies, and one patient (her favorite teddy bear). After placing the bear on the couch, which is where our practice was located 😉 , I went and found Elizabeth and asked if she wanted to play. She said yes!

Here’s Dr. Elizabeth’s bag, as well as her first and second patients of the day.

She likes having the stethoscope around her neck, as it makes her look more like a doctor. haha In the photo above, she was lining up the vaccines!

She performed various medical procedures on her patients, ranging from the yearly checkup to a sick visit, where medicine was administered. She got very creative with the medicine part: she used the play thermometer and a play baby jar to reenact how our mom will give her medicine with a syringe when she’s sick.

It wasn’t long before all of our stuffed animals were lining up to receive Dr. Elizabeth’s care.

Business was booming! I can see a raise for Nurse Maggie in the near future!

She’s always very orderly. 🙂 I loved getting to do this and be her medical assistant!

Thanks for reading! I had a lot of fun doing this activity with Elizabeth.

19 thoughts on “Playing Doctor with Elizabeth

  1. OH YEAH! I loved playing doctor when I was little! 😍 All of my stuffed animals had their own medical history, I made notes of everything that I did to every patient and how they felt 😂 I’m sure you had a great time playing with Elizabeth! 💙

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  2. Aww cute! I remember playing this with my brother when we were kids and now my mum is beginning to sell off our toys 😆 I hope others will feel the same happiness we did when they play with them!!

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