Flatlay Photography Challenge – Week 1

I absolutely love flatlay photography. Sure, spellcheckers don’t yet accept ‘flatlay’ as an acceptable photography form, but I sure do! These photos work out so well for featured images, and I love experimenting with taking my own from time to time. When I found a flatlay photography challenge on Pinterest, I immediately hopped on board!

Since I’m already posting every single day in October, I don’t want these photos to add thirty-one more posts to your Reader. It doesn’t matter how much you love a blogger – when they start showing up in your feed three times a day, it’s impossible to keep up! I’ll save all of us time and energy by sharing the flatlay photos I capture once a week, recapping what I took from the week before. I’m excited about bettering my photography skills this month!

I got the prompts I’m using from this website. I also found a cool article from the same website with awesome flatlay photography tips, which you’re welcome to check out here!

Flatlay Photography Challenge









Thank you for reading! Through this challenge, I have already learned so much: I have a new appreciation for various photography forms,Β andΒ I’m realizing more and more how much fun flatlay photography is! It isn’t the easiest task to level my phone and hold it high above my head to capture the desired angle for each photo, but the outcome is 100% worth it. I would recommend trying out a photography challenge like this for yourself! Whether you join in on this one or find another one online (Pinterest is full of them!), I’d definitely consider it. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “Flatlay Photography Challenge – Week 1

  1. That’s a great challenge! I’d love to try it one day 😊 Lovely photos! My favourite one is probably the 5th. That asparagus looks aesthetic, I think πŸ˜„

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