Get To Know Dreaming of Guatemala (FAQ)

Get To Know Dreaming of Guatemala (FAQ)

FAQ’s are always extremely helpful, so I thought why not write one for my blog? In today’s post, I pose eight questions that many of us bloggers think when it comes to reading others’ blogs, but never think to ask. I’ve answered all of them honestly and informatively when it comes to readership onΒ Dreaming of Guatemala!Β Feel free to write about this yourself on your own blog – I’d love to see your answers!

Dreaming of Guatemala FAQ

1. Do I need to ask for your permission before I can reblog one of your posts? Not at all! I have the reblogging feature enabled on all of my posts, and reblogs automatically link back to the source post. I appreciate reblogs, and since they give your readers an excerpt and the featured image of my post and then link to my blog for the full post, it’s not stealing my content at all.

2. Do you prefer short comments or longer comments? Each and every comment is appreciated, but I prefer longer comments! Having conversations with other bloggers, whether it’s on their site or on mine, usually involves more than back-and-forth sentences – more often than not, it’s paragraphs. πŸ˜‰

3. Do you accept blog awards / Can I tag you in blog awards? Sometimes, and sure! While I don’t try to write about every single one I’m nominated for/tagged in (as there are often many repeats), I always appreciate the gesture and make sure to thank the bloggers who included me in their nominees list.

4. Can I “steal” an idea from your blog and write a post about it? Absolutely! I’ve noticed that it’s a widespread problem in the online world, where people get upset when their content ideas are “stolen” by someone else in the same niche. Honestly, I take it as a compliment! When someone reads one of my posts and would love to write about the same thing, I think it’s really cool. I would only consider it stealing if someone copied something I wrote or made and then acted like it was their content, OR if I was selling something (which I’m not) and someone stole it to sell on their site. It’s always polite to give credit for an idea, which I make sure to do when a blogger, YouTuber, etc. inspires me to make new content. Just know that I love it when I can motivate you to post about something I’ve shared on my blog!

5. Do you collaborate with other bloggers? Yes! I am quite particular about who I collaborate with and what the collaboration is about, but I am open to guest post and collab ideas. I can be reached at my Contact page, and I always aim to respond to emails within 24 hours.

6. Do I have to comment on all of your posts to be considered a loyal follower? Haha, not at all! I just included this question to make sure you guys know that I totally get it when you don’t comment on all of my posts. I post pretty frequently (usually a few times a week – right now, it’s every day of October!), so I understand when you comment occasionally, or if you ever go back and catch up on commenting on the posts of mine that you missed. Ooh, that leads me to the next question:

7. Are you okay with me spamming your blog with likes and comments? Yes!!! I’ve noticed that some bloggers and other people online get annoyed by their notifications being filled by one person, but I don’t mind this at all. I’m flattered that you’d want to go back and read posts you hadn’t gotten around to checking out yet!

8. Would you think it’s weird if I go back and read an old post of yours? Not at all! Sometimes, I’ll be curious over how a blogger decided to read a post of mine from years ago (usually, I think it’s through the ‘Related Posts’ tab), but otherwise, I appreciate your comments. I’m happy that a post from so long ago still gets current readership. πŸ™‚

If you have another question you’d like answered, feel free to ask it in the comments below! Thanks for reading ❀

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