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My Favorite Evening Pastimes

For most of my childhood, evenings were my favorite time of the day. I loved winding down by spending time with my family and doing activities that were either fun or relaxing (bonus points if something scored both!). While I’ve actually been a morning person these past few years (which I’ll talk about in another post!), there are still things that I enjoy doing at the end of each day.

Listen to music / Watch ASMR videos. There’s something about listening to music in the evening that makes me enjoy it even more than I already do! My favorite song recently has been ‘How Many Kings’ by Downhere – it’s been on repeat these last few days. ❀ When it comes to ASMR (which are relaxing videos on YouTube), I love watching a channel called Gentle Whispering. The woman who makes all the videos, whose name is Maria, is so sweet and I really enjoy her content, especially her older videos!

Watch movies and television shows. Most of the time at our house, we have kid shows playing in the living room for Elizabeth and Izzy. Once both of them are in bed, my mom and I will always turn on something else that we enjoy watching to give us a break from child programming! One of our favorites recently has been The Brady Bunch, and we own all the seasons, so we’ve gone through many of the episodes. Some other shows we like watching are I Dream of Jeannie, Gilligan’s Island, Leave It To Beaver, and Extreme Makeover Home Edition (which I enjoyed watching an episode of last night!). We’ll also watch movies sometimes – my mom and I just finished Quartet, and before that, we finished The Notebook.

Clean up my room. While it isn’t the most relaxing of activities, it’s always comforting to me to know that my surroundings are clean and organized when I go to bed! The picture above showcases the current pile of miscellany that needs tackling, which I still haven’t gotten around to because Elizabeth went to bed before I could tidy up. Her crib is currently in my room, and her bedtime occasionally cuts my evenings short, but I don’t mind because I much prefer mornings now!

Plan out blog posts. Sometimes, I’ll write them, but I’m usually more inspired to write earlier in the day. Regardless, I find myself in one way or another working on something blog-related in the evenings! I may respond to comments, read through a post that’s going live the next day one more time, or filter some photos that I’m planning to share in an upcoming post. There’s always something more to work on, a task which I certainly enjoy.

Get ready for bed. I have a basic routine that I follow every night: change into pajamas, wash my face, floss, brush my teeth, and take my multivitamin. A few months ago, I tried to incorporate a neck stretching workout into that routine, but I found that after a few nights of doing that, I was in more pain than I was before I began doing the stretches. I hope to get that figured out and find a way to comfortably stretch my neck soon!

Read my Bible. Sometimes, it’s the very last thing I do before falling asleep, but I will also read it earlier on in the evenings, as well. Having the Lord’s words on my mind as I wind down from the day’s activities is alwaysΒ a comfort to me – it doesn’t matter what page I turn to or how many verses I read, I always inevitably start smiling and can’t stop. He knows perfectly and exactly what I need to read every time I open up His Word!

I hope you enjoyed reading about how I enjoy spending my evenings! Thank you for reading. ❀ Let me know in the comments below:

How do YOU spend your evenings?

20 replies on “My Favorite Evening Pastimes”

Ahhh this is so relaxing to read! I want to watch The Notebook but I didn’t get the chance to lately lol. Yasss clean rooms are the best before a good night’s sleep. And Maggie wrapping it all up with a boost of spirituality – love this night routine!

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That sounds all so relaxing!! I enjoyed reading this post, Maggie!! Looking forward to your next posts!!
P.S. Do you still want to do the learning-a-language collab? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I got your email and I feel like it would be really fun to do!! πŸ™‚

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I like doing all these things in the evenings too, apart from cleaning my room πŸ˜… Watching movies is a great way to relax after the whole day! Twice a week me and my mom watch our favourite TV programme in the evening and we both love that 😁 If I’m not too tired, I enjoy reading the Bible. I prefer to read it before going to sleep rather than in the morning or in the afternoon because the verses always make me reflect on something and after that, after thinking about God’s word I sleep very well πŸ’™β˜Ί

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