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10 Reasons Why I Loved Watching The Movie ‘Quartet’

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. πŸ™‚ ❀ A few nights ago, I finished watching a new (to us) movie with my mom, and within the first twenty minutes of film time, I had fallen absolutely in love with it! ‘Quartet‘ is a British comedy about life, love, and music (probably not in that order), starring favorite familiar faces, as well as introducing us to some new ones. I’m so excited to write a post all about it, you have no idea haha

This movie is rated PG-13, so to my younger audience, please talk to your parents first if you’re interested in watching this movie. It contains innuendo and some language, so definitely ask your parents about it.

Alright! Now let’s get into my upbeat review. πŸ™‚

10 Reasons Why I Loved
Watching The Movie ‘Quartet’Β 

1. Dustin Hoffman executive produced and directed it. IΒ knewΒ I’d love it when I saw that he was the director! Dustin Hoffman is one of my favorite actors, and I was very interested to see what a movie directed by him would be like. I wasn’t disappointed in any way: he did an amazing job!

2. Billy Connolly is one of the main actors. So before now, I only knew him from ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ and as Nearly Headless Nick (haha) from the Harry Potter movies, and neither of those roles do this hilarious Irish man any ounce of justice. Perhaps it was just the character he was cast to play in ‘Quartet,’ but I really don’t think so! His fantastic banter with nearly all of the women at Beecham House was the most endearing thing ever, and I quickly came to love all of his lines and every scene he appeared in. *adds all of Billy’s movies to my list of films to watch*

3. The movie does a fantastic job of balancing the main plot with all the sub-plots the viewer comes to love. Have you ever watched a movie that had a sub-plot that held your interest more than the main one? I’m always frustrated when that happens, but that wasn’t the case in ‘Quartet.’ In fact, the handful of plots that are developed over the course of the movie all appear to be the main plot … so does that make them all main plots, or all subs? xD Moving on.

4. Its slightly unsaturated coloring gives it a cloudy day feel without dimming the mood. I absolutely adore color and lighting, so when a movie finds a new way to work with both of these elements, it adds another aspect to the viewer’s enjoyment of it! Usually, movies set in a cloudy/rainy setting quickly become dreary, since the natural lighting has a faded quality, but they brightened the picture so much for ‘Quartet,’ so they managed to make it look quite nice.

the coloring of this photo is similar to the film’s picture quality. plus, the picture features two old people haha

5. The comedy is seamless and timeless. Billy Connolly’s lines are the primarily hilarious ones, but there were also some great quips from Michael Gambon and Pauline Collins! Sadly, the bonus features did not include a gag reel, but I’m sure the behind-the-scenes footage is fantastic.

6. The old timers’ stirring renditions of well-known songs. Picture a room full of elderly people singing a very spirited version of ‘Happy Birthday’! Despite the shaky high notes and occasional off-key note that was belted out, I couldn’t get enough of their singing.

7. The main characters’ relationships. They were all evenly developed and equally as likeable! I don’t have much more to say on that, because I’m keeping this review spoiler-free.

8. Many of the supporting cast members are actually retired musicians. I was so impressed when I saw this in the credits! Usually, movie extras are chosen seemingly at random, but even the minor characters in ‘Quartet’ played a huge part in the background of this movie. Dustin Hoffman mentioned in a director interview that he loved having those people with the cast and crew on- and off-set, because it really made the spirit of the movie come alive. I thought that was so cool!

9. The behind-the-scenes bonus featurettes. I mentioned one of these a moment ago, but not in detail. They share some footage of the production behind certain scenes, how Dustin Hoffman worked with the actors in a way that would help them to understand how he could envision the scenes playing out, as well as interviews with many of the cast members on the making of the film.

10. The variety of musical genres that were performed. They mainly focus on performing opera music and having that playing in the background of many scenes, but they also included other genres that retired musicians would be familiar with hearing and playing! I love how much the actors enjoyed playing their roles – it was evident in how well-developed the chemistry was between everyone.

Thank you so much for reading! If you couldn’t already tell (haha), I adore this movie and would recommend it to practically anyone. My mom and I are already planning to watch it over again to make sure we didn’t miss anything the first time!

If you watch ‘Quartet,’ let me know what you think of it. πŸ™‚

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