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Happy Elizabeth Photography

Hello! I hope you’re doing well. ❀ Yesterday morning, I took some pictures of Elizabeth that I’d like to share with you! We were enjoying hanging out on our back porch together, and I just loved how her hair and dress looked and I wanted to capture that.

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The photoshoot started out with me just following her around as she read a book to herself, which our mom gave her yesterday and she really likes it! She wasn’t all that receptive to me having my phone camera on, so she wasn’t posing or asking to see herself in the selfie cam or anything. Still, I persisted.

How pretty is this dress, though? I love how it looks on her!

All of the first pictures I took were of her looking like this: lost in her thoughts. lol I didn’t mind those photos, she just didn’t look all that happy. So, I set out to find something that would make her smile, and maybe even laugh. I’ve done this in the past with Samuel, and finding something that will make your child subject crack up makes for the best pictures and most genuine of smiles! Elizabeth’s sense of humor can be hard to pin down, though, so it took me various attempts before I found something that worked: monster faces/impressions.

VoilΓ ! Just the giggles I was looking for!

I love her amused face, and her laugh is just the cutest! You can tell I was just making an absolute lunatic out of myself for her benefit, but these pictures made that silliness worth it.

For a moment in time, I lost my comedic charm.

… But it came back, just as funny as ever, in the next moment! πŸ˜€

This is my FAVORITE one from the photoshoot!! Look at those eyelashes!! And see how well all the colors in this photo go together! And the lighting is perfect, like yes. 10/10!

What a happy little girl! ❀

Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! I enjoyed sharing these pictures with you. ❀

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