His Plans For Us

His Plans For Us

Hello! I hope you had a beautiful week. ❤ This is the sixth post in my Psalm 119 study series, where I will continue to write about what the Lord places on my heart.

I hope you enjoy!

Psalm 119:6

“Then shall I not be put to shame
[by failing to inherit Your promises]
when I have respect
to all of Your commandments.”

This verse ties in closely with the one we studied last week, so you have to read that one to understand the sixth verse.

When our eyes are set on how He desires for us to live every single day, He guides us on the paths He has for us.

Sometimes, our paths will cross, and for a moment in time, we become an intricate part of each other’s lives. He uses our relationships to teach us, grow our faith, and increase our understanding of how He’s working in and through us.

Then there are the times when our paths veer away from each other, and we no longer spend time together. Often, friendships last for a season – the Lord uses our interactions with that person or group for His purposes in our lives, and once His work is complete, He has us move on.

It is often hard for me to accept when this happens, because in those past relationships, I would picture myself continuing to enjoy being friends with that person for a long time to come. I was unaware of what the Lord had for me, and I will undoubtedly question why He’s having me move on. However, I’ve found that trusting in the greatness of His love and His perfect plans for me and acting in obedience gets me infinitely farther than sitting still and pondering in my heart ever will.

If the Lord is asking you to take a step in your life that you don’t want to take – away from a person, a job, a hobby, or even a step toward one of those things – I admonish you to do it. Even in the times when we feel like we’re risking it all in our obedience to Him, what we’re actually doing is taking a step closer to our Heavenly Father.

So, don’t resist change. Whether it looks positive or negative today, remember Whose hand you are holding. He is leading you in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.

While I wrote this post to be an encouragement to you, it has also been something I really needed to hear. ❤ I’m praying that you have a beautiful rest of the weekend! 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Click here to read Psalm 119 in the Amplified Classic version.

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    1. Thanks Kaelyn! And thank you ❤ a blogging friend made it for me. Yes! I’ve been learning it on and off for the past few years. 🙂 I use an app on my phone called Memrise. I’m currently working on completing the seventh (and last) course!

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