Spotlight Saturday Round-Up

Hello! I hope you’re doing well. 🙂 ❤ I’ve been thinking about doing this post for a while, so I’m finally going to do it today! xD From April 2017 through August 2019, I have shared twenty-seven Spotlight Saturday interviews on my blog. I’ve had a crazy awesome time getting to know all of these bloggers better, and I enjoyed spreading the word about their blogs through those posts, too!

This round-up post doesn’t necessarily mark the end of one of my longest-running post series, but it does end the first round of them. In this post, I will be going over all twenty-seven of the interviewees! I’ll tell you a bit about their blogs, if they’re still blogging today, and if they can be found anywhere else online.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through and learning more about these amazing blogging friends of mine! ❤

Spotlight Saturday Round-Up

#1: Incomplete Thinking. I met this blogger when I was first working on the idea for this series, so she ended up being the first person I interviewed! She had a personal blog where she wrote about what she was thinking and doing, as well as showcasing her photography. I dearly miss her – she hasn’t shared a post in nearly a year and a half, and we didn’t stay in touch. I enjoyed interacting with her when she was blogging! ❤

#2: Angela @ Life of Angela. She and I met in 2017 when we were both blogging a ton – we’ve had a lot of fun conversations over the months! Since her daughter Naomi was born in March of this year, she’s slowed down in posting on her personal/lifestyle blog, but she still checks in once in a while to give updates on Naomi. 🙂 ❤

#3: Pamela @ Starring Pamela. Pamela has an lifestyle blog where she writes about her adventures! She’s a lot of fun to chat with, and she’s still keeping up with posting.

#4: T.R. Noble @ Inside Cup. She has a devotional blog she still writes on today! We met in May 2017. I enjoyed interviewing her for this series.

#5: Grace @ My Blessing By Grace. Grace is a talented pasty chef-in-training, and she shares a variety of inspirational and food posts on her blog! She hasn’t shared a post since August, but she still checks in from time to time.

#6: Jirah @ Jirah Merizz. She’s one of the only Filipino bloggers I know, which is cool because I love getting a behind-the-scenes look at how people live in different cultures! The last post she shared on her personal/lifestyle blog was a Singapore vlog from June. I hope she comes back around soon ❤

#7: Diana @ La Petite Muse. Diana is one of the first bloggers I met when I started Dreaming of Guatemala, and we’ve stayed in touch since then! She still shares posts on her inspirational/informative blog.

#8: Natasha @ Golden Pink Journal. She stopped posting on this blog of hers a while ago, but since then, she’s been uploading videos on her YouTube channel! She shares inspirational/personal videos there. 🙂

#9: Sophie @ Hopeless Wonderer. She used to share posts on a travel/personal blog, but she deleted it at some point and I’m not sure how to locate her new one. *facepalm* Sophie, if you’re reading this, I’d be happy to add your new link! xD

#10: Shannon @ Trail of Lights. I found Shannon’s personal/inspirational blog in the Reader in my first week on WordPress! She and I had a lot of fun keeping up with each other’s posts, but it’s been nearly a year since she shared her last post. I wish we’d stayed in touch!

#11: Shannon @ Kittyp0p. Her personal blog (which she still posts on a few times a week!) is where she shares the adventures she goes on with her boyfriend, Justin. I think we met last year … but it could have been before that!

#12: Christs, Craft & Cuisine. It has been almost two years since she shared a post, but I used to enjoy following her blog! As you can tell by the name, she shared posts about the Lord, crafts she made, and food she tried.

#13: Apoorva @ Elle Online. Apoorva’s personal/lifestyle blog hasn’t had a post added to it in over a year, but we used to enjoy chatting!

#14: Maha @ Be-you-tiful. She has a personal/lifestyle blog that she still regularly shares posts on! She blogs about outfit of the days, as well as informative posts for other bloggers.

#15: Brittney @ Southern Lights, Atlanta Nights. She’s the only other blogger I know that also lives in Georgia! Her lifestyle/fitness blog is still active, and she writes about makeup recommendations, online sale information, wedding planning tips, and more.

#16: Oxria. She’s the only Romanian blogger that I know, which I think is awesome! Her lifestyle/personal blog showcases her artwork and photography, both of which I’ve always been a huge fan of. She still shares posts from time to time.

#17: Amelia @ Amelia in Hull. Amelia still regularly writes posts on her travel blog, where she documents her Hull adventures! She and I started our blogs around the same time in 2017, which is pretty cool.

#18: Gracie @ Through the Eyes of Gracie. Gracie is still active on her personal blog! She shares her photography, adventures, and favorite songs.

#19: Brad @ Total Bradness. It has been nearly a year since Brad wrote a post! I enjoyed following along on his adventures while he was blogging on his lifestyle blog.

#20: Kelsey @ kelseywritess. She still occasionally shares posts on her personal blog, where she also gives sneak peeks into the poetry books she’s working on!

#21: Tuba @ Colour Me Yellow. I haven’t heard from her in a long time – it’s been over a year since she posted on her creative writing blog. She was fun to get to know while she was on WordPress!

#22: Savannah @ Rejoicing in Hope. Savannah still regularly shares posts on her blog, where she shares inspiration from her life!

#23: Ariana @ Ariana’s Archives. She and I have known each other for a long time, although I honestly can’t remember when we met! Ariana has an inspirational/personal blog where she shares Bible verse of the week, challenges she’s working on, and more.

#24: Liz @ Home with the Hummingbirds. She’s currently on hiatus, but she’s still an active blogger! Liz has a personal/lifestyle blog where she talks about bookish things, her travels, and more.

#25: Jess @ thebookofjess. She’s a book blogger who checks in from time to time! Jess is very passionate about books and recommending her favorites to others.

#26: Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life. Kaelyn has a personal/inspirational blog that she shares posts on every week! She has devotional series, updates from her life, and more.

#27: Christina @ Christina and Camera. Christina regularly posts on her lifestyle blog! She shares OOTD inspiration, monthly recaps, and more.

Thank you so much for reading! This post is dedicated to the interviewees who are still blogging, as well as the ones who are not. Thank you all for being my blogging friends for however long! ❤

Do you follow any of these bloggers?

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It’s always so sad to think of people that you used to know on your blog 😦 I remember a bunch of people, some I used to be pretty close with, who just stopped one day & you find yourself wondering what happened to that person? I also wonder if they still thinking about blogging, I think if I stopped I still would but maybe that’s just because I’ve been doing it so long. Love the trip down memory lane! 💕

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