The Storm’s Over

The Storm’s Over

{November 2017}

I knew we had a storm shelter,
But it never had been used;
It was just a backup plan –
That’s what we’d all assumed.

I noted the thunder in the distance,
Having no idea it would stay –
I thought it would last for only a moment
And then simply pass away.

Two storms collided, forming one,
Sending our family under –
We’d no idea what would happen
From just one roll of thunder.

{July 2018}

Living in a storm shelter
Is no real way to live –
Oftentimes, I convinced myself
That something would have to give.

I took comfort in many things
That I could call my own,
Having no clue that all those things
Had taken me far from home.

I often wondered if I’d ever see
The surface yet again,
But still that storm raged on and on,
Overwhelming my aching head.

{January 2019}

The storm had lasted for a year,
Then abruptly seemed to stop –
Some ran eagerly toward the surface,
While some of us did not.

Rumor had it the storm was over,
Which I never once believed,
For I was comfortable and protected –
At least, that’s what it seemed.

I had grown fond of that old shelter,
Which had kept me safe and sound –
I’d no intention of leaving it,
Of coming back around.

{September 2019}

Our house was flattened to the ground
From the storm that sent us under –
We’d never envisioned that this would happen
From just one roll of thunder.

The Lord took my hand and led me out
Of that old, worn-out shelter –
That’s when He began to teach me how
To live in His strength and power.

The mission now is to raise these walls
And make them what they ought to be –
From that old shelter to the surface,
The Lord has set us free.

This poetic analogy is a beautiful representation of where my family and I have been and where we are now. The entire time we were living through that storm, the Lord was our steadfast Guide, even when we struggled to hear His guidance over the thunderous pour. Rebuilding the foundation of our family is taking time, but I know that with each wall we raise, we become closer together as a family, which makes the whole process 100% worth it.

Thank you so much for being a reader of my blog! Things have been rough for me for quite some time, but I’m very thankful to have had Dreaming of Guatemala to come back to when I was in a place to blog.

— Maggie

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Beautiful poetry! Your blog and the way you continue to trust God even when times are hard have always really inspired me and I’ll be praying that you continue to see him work in you and your family’s lives 🙂

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