I Got My Blog Back! | Life + Blogging Update

So, reading that title, you may be wondering, Maggie … where do you think it went? πŸ˜‚

Well, it’s been gone, and for quite a long time. But now it’s back!

Grab a cup of coffee and allow me to explain. πŸ˜‰

A Permanent (Unfortunate) Change

From the time that I started Dreaming of Guatemala (January 2017) all the way until November of 2018, I had the same blog theme.

I never changed the design because it truly reflected who I was, which was awesome – I loved everything about it!

I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I began using another theme in November of 2018 in an attempt to find something new in my life to be happy about, the mood of Dreaming of Guatemala went down, as did my desire to share posts here.

My little parrot header disappeared. Widgets weren’t compatible with the new theme. The green links that brought life and a natural feel to my blog were gone. My featured images and titles changed. My blogging voice was altered.Β 

There weren’t any positive changes to my blog when I changed the design.

The Dilemma

Now, you may be wondering, Why didn’t you just change it back to the old theme?

Here’s the problem: the theme I had been using (Independent Publisher) had been discontinued months earlier, so once I switched to a different theme, there was no going back. I really thought I had lost it for good, and it broke my heart.

In the months since changing my theme, I was never content with any theme ever again. I even tried to bring my parrot back, but even that little bird knew I had lost my theme. xD It didn’t look right anywhere else. Independent PublisherΒ was its home. (Am I being too cheesy here?)

Alright, now this is the awesome part!

Dreaming of Guatemala: Episode VI – Return of the Theme

Yesterday, I was, once again, looking at blog themes. I was really motivated to find something, anything, that would help me to get back to enjoying blogging like I used to in 2017. (I’ve been trying to do that since early 2018. Yeah … ) I suddenly noticed that under the free themes, there were a lotΒ more available than there has been in a very long time! After seeing that, I realized that it was quite possible that my favorite theme had returned.

IT HAD. I got my theme back! ❀


I am excited to see where the Lord leads me in this new chapter of my blogging journey. I truly feel like my all-time favorite blogging platform has returned – I am soΒ glad it wasn’t gone for good!

Thanks for reading this blogging + life update. I really enjoyed writing it!

CLICK HERE to check outΒ Dreaming of Guatemala’sΒ redesign. Let me know in the comments below:

Are YOU excited that it’s back?

— Maggie

38 replies on “I Got My Blog Back! | Life + Blogging Update”

congrats Maggie you are an amazing blogger we should become friends and keep in touch since your blog is awesome. Keep up your positivity and you’re my blogging inspiration


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