Dear Lord, Thank You For Letting Me Dream

Dear Lord,

There have been so many times

when I’ve wondered why

You allow me to dream.


I’ll wonder why

You allow something to stay on my heart …

only to take it away.


I’ll wonder why

dreams go unfulfilled,

plans are cancelled,

hopes are dashed …


But then I wonder

what would happen

if I didn’t dream.


What if

I was content to stay

right where I am

right now?


What if

I never desired to learn,

to create,

to grow?


I now know that

when I dream,

You bless the desires on my heart.


Even when things

don’t turn out


as I hoped they would,

all is well in the end.


I’m constantly learning,




You challenge me

and mature me

and teach me

through every single dream

that has been placed

on my heart.


I’m the person I am today

because I dreamed.


Thank You, O Lord,

for letting me dream.

“A man’s mind plans his way,
but the Lord directs his steps
and makes them sure.”

– Proverbs 16:9 AMPC

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be absolutely wonderful. ❤ I wrote the prayer in verse above to celebrate something the Lord has been teaching me recently: the dreams He gives me are ALWAYS fulfilled, even when the way they are fulfilled is different than I expect. I will often think that because something isn’t happening exactly as I hoped or figured it would, then things aren’t going the “right” way … but the Lord’s ways are so much greater than my own.

I am thankful for all the things He is teaching me, and it is my desire to share them with you. When the Lord allows us to dream up the greatest case scenarios for our lives, it is then that He is able to bless us in ways we would never hope for or imagine being possible for us. He loves displaying His power, love, and glory through the lives of His children!

When it really feels like your life will never go in the direction you hope it will, turn your eyes to Jesus. Allow Him to dream for you. He is the only One Who can make your life completely spectacular. ❤

18 replies on “Dear Lord, Thank You For Letting Me Dream”

Maggie, dreaming is a function of greatness, so I completely agree with the inspirational content of your prayer and the entirety of this wonderful post. Dreamers are also achievers, so long as the good Lord remains the Writer, Director, and Producer of our dreams. Great thanks for sharing this vision of great faith and encouragement.

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