‘Jay’ – A Short Story

The bedroom doors burst open, allowing a couple to come into view. The man, who was wearing a refined suit which glittered in the sun, fidgeted nervously with one of the doorknobs. He could not take his eyes off her.

The woman was clothed in a sundress which brought out the barely perceptible color in her cheeks. She was truly a sight to see. Her childlike admiration for everything around her was contagious, and all he wanted was to make her smile again, the way she had with him many summers ago.

Appearing to revere the moment instead of live in it, the woman continued to hover in the doorway. The man wanted to see how she looked, if she would only step into the sunlight which poured itself so freely into the room. Yet she wouldn’t move an inch. Her breathing was so scarce, he almost doubted she was breathing at all. She relieved his fears when she placed a soft hand to her heart.

“Oh, Jay,” she said quietly, his heartbeat quickening at her words. “This is marvelous!”

She flew past him in a flurry of satin and pearls, dancing effortlessly with the afternoon sun. He took note of the way her golden hair seemed to glow, how each movement of her body was ordained by a tune that he himself could not hear.

He took a few steps toward her, not wishing to foil this memory for her. His fear, however, was never confirmed, for she took his hand and brought him over to dance by her side.

“Thank you for this, Jay. I can’t imagine anything greater…”

She began to ramble, and he placed a finger to her lips. A slow smile graced his own, and his heart soared when she grinned against his hand.

Content simply to be in each other’s presence, the couple slow danced to a song they could make out in the distance. Perhaps it floated to them through the open window, a tune which resonated across the lake. That was where a summer party was in full swing, the kind of party which had never once needed its host. Maybe the song in fact came from the many distant memories the couple shared. That afternoon, it really didn’t matter … they were simply content to dance.

This work of fiction is inspired by one of my favorite novels: The Great Gatsby! Since reading that classic for the first time, I always wanted to see more scenes of Jay and Daisy’s interactions. When I found the image inspiration I included in this post, it instantly made me think of the scene where Daisy is introduced in The Great Gatsby. Her love for flowy dresses and curtains convinced me that she’d adore this room! I hope you liked the story. ❤

29 replies on “‘Jay’ – A Short Story”

Thanks for adding that bit about what the inspiration for the story was, it really added a new dimension. Also, I love it when writers talk about where their story came from / their intentions. Always makes for richer reading, imo 🙂


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