Spring Cleaning 2019 | Tips + Motivation

There’s something about springtime that always gets me hyped for deep cleaning my living space. (Although, come to think of it, I’m always excited about organization and such, haha!) I have been hard at work doing organizing and re-decorating in my room lately, and I’m very happy with the finished look. In this post, I will be sharing some spring cleaning inspiration with you, as well as tips and tricks that I’ve found work for me.


Here is my current desk setup! It has only changed slightly from the last time I shared a tour (which was back in February – click here to read that post), and I’ll show that detail up close in a moment. The Robin Williams print I have on my wall is a beautiful addition to my room – I’m so happy my mom got it for me for Christmas! The artist who made it – her name is Marta Wit – has an Etsy shop where you can browse all of her amazing artwork. I highly recommend that you check her out! (Not sponsored, haha)


This new two-tier tray (which is intended for jewelry, but I got creative) is something I found at Michael’s a few days ago! I was planning on using it in my closet, but that didn’t work out. When my mom suggested I try setting it up on my desk, I hesitated at first because I didn’t think there would be enough room for it. Turns out I was wrong! It is now the home of candles and fake succulents, and I absolutely love it.


The top of my desk didn’t really need any spring cleaning (I just did anyway, haha), but my desk drawers certainly did! Loose papers and various craft projects stack up insanely quickly, and I can barely stay on top of organizing everything. There’s almost never any clutter out in my actual room, but behind the scenes is a different story. lol In the top drawer (pictured above), I keep various things that I access on a daily basis.


The middle drawer spends most of its time being 100% full, almost to the point where I can’t open it, haha! I gave it a complete makeover and decided to keep only blank paper, extra glue sticks, and my journal in it now.


I think I will always end up having at least one desk drawer full of things that need doing. Right now, it’s the bottom drawer! My recipe cards need a new home (I donated the old tin), I’m still using map scrapbook paper my mom bought for me a few birthdays ago (lesson learned: scrapbook paper books never go away haha), and underneath that is more paper that needs to be sorted/used. At least I’m now aware of everything that’s in this drawer!

Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Completely clear out a space, clean it, and de-clutter as you go. I found it to be extremely beneficial to empty my closet of all its contents before I attempted to figure out what I was donating and what I was keeping! I let everything sit in my room while I vacuumed the closet floor, cleaned and dusted the shelves, and spot-cleaned the wall. Once that was done, I put all of the things I knew for sure I was keeping back in (i.e. clothes I still wear, my box fan, shoes I still wear, etc.), then I made decisions about everything else.
  • Spread out the work you need to do over the course of at least a couple days. I was tempted to clean and re-organize my closet and desk on the same day, but I’m glad I split up the work. If I hadn’t, then I wouldn’t have been done with what I needed to do by the time I was going to bed, and I can’t go to sleep with a crazily cluttered room!
  • If you don’t love it, DONATE IT. I’ve slowly learned that saving an item, collection, etc., with the belief that I’ll love it again someday is not reality. If I’m not enjoying it today, the chances are low that I will in the future. So, really think about why you’re keeping the things that you are, especially if you’re low on space. (I keep running out of that in my closet, haha)
  • If you can’t decide if you want to keep something or not, put it away for a while to decide on it later. I have a container full of things that I’m not using today, but that I don’t want to have out in my room or closet. Instead of forcing myself to love it or donate it, the container is basically for “gray items,” which I’ll decide on some other time.
  • Fill your room with the main decor that you love seeing every day. Over the years, I’ve tried displaying large collections of things, whether that’s small posters, knickknacks, or even books. I’d incorporate these things into my decor because I figured I’d love seeing all of them out … but all they ended up being was visual and mental clutter. Try to minimize having random things lying around and focus the attention of each space in your room on one piece of decor, or even a handful of them. It’s easier to appreciate an area when there’s a main focal point instead of a lot of little things to look at!

23 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning 2019 | Tips + Motivation

  1. Ooh, great ideas/tips, Maggie! I love your desk area, that map is awesome! ❀ My room (currently) has the most "me" stuff. I have a bookshelf and a board for all my pictures, the ribbons on it hold them together. I am trying to make more DIY organizers for my desk, thanks for all the tips. Super helpful!

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  2. I started the year out so strong cleaning/organizing different parts of my room each month, but April was a bit too crazy to do any more πŸ™ˆ hopefully I can begin editing my wardrobe this month cause I think that’s the biggest task right now…

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  3. I just purged my room recently as well, and having so much less stuff is reaLLY nice! Now I get to re-decorate my room, which is super exciting!

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