Day 16 – Something That Makes You Unique | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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Hey there! When I read what the prompt was for today, I just didn’t feel right about sharing something that makes me awesome. I strongly believe that everything I have comes from the Lord, which includes my natural abilities and my spiritual gifts. So, everything I have and everything I’ve accomplished is because of what He has given me, and is not my own doing. ❤

I shared this prompt with my mom because I wanted to see if I could find another way to answer it. Her suggestion was to change the word ‘awesome’ to ‘unique.’ I thought that was a great idea, and my answer for it was submitted by my mom, as well. 😀

Day 16 – Something That
Makes You Unique

I have a colorized memory.

When I was a child, the Lord gifted me with the natural ability to remember color. I can recall with ease what my family members wore the day before, what someone I met was wearing a few days ago, along with anything else that involves color. I don’t have to put any thought into it; it just happens.

Growing up, my mom had a United States map decal on the back door of my childhood home. All of the states were randomly decorated with the same five or six colors, and ever since then, I’ve associated all fifty states with the color they were assigned on that map. I do the same thing with days of the week and months of the year, although I think I decided on those colors myself.

Most of my creative hobbies are so enjoyable to me because of my understanding of color. Interior design, coloring pages, and graphic design are just a few examples of things I love to do because of what the Lord has given me. When the finished products match what I first envisioned, it’s extremely satisfying!

I am so thankful the Lord gave me this ability to remember color and instinctively know which colors go well together. It has been a blessing in my life more than once. ❤

13 thoughts on “Day 16 – Something That Makes You Unique | Blogging Challenge April 2019

  1. That’s fascinating! So even now, if someone read out the names of all the states, do you think you’d remember their respective colours from that map? A colourised memory, so cool! I wish I had a memory-related gift or talent as mine is so poor! Good prompt though with something that makes you unique. I’m going to have to think longer about what my unique point would be..!! xx

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