Day 14 – Your Fave Photo You’ve Taken | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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There is absolutely no way I could choose a favorite all-time photo that I’ve taken! Photography is one of my biggest hobbies, so the only way I can pick favorites is out of a certain month, or from a particular photoshoot, etc. Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite recent picture from the camera roll on my phone.

Day 14 – Your Fave Photo You’ve Taken

It is a huge struggle to take good pictures of little kids. My iPhone SE camera works well in most circumstances, but any tiny bit of movement becomes a blur. So, any time I’m able to capture a beautiful photo of one of my little siblings, I absolutely cherish it!

This selfie I took with Isabella on our back porch a few days ago is one of the sweetest photos I have of her. I love her little smile, and the shirt she’s wearing is super cute, as well. (And look at those curls!!!) I love her so much ❤

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  1. Hello Maggie! ❤ I haven't been blogging and reading your posts for a horribly long time.. I was SO busy with my school, I had tons of learning and I was very stressed out because of my exams. But finally the exams are gone (I had them this week) and I feel better and more relaxed now 🙂 I hope I'll have more free time soon. I see you're posting every day this month and that's great 😀 This selfie with Isabella is so cute! ❤ HUGS!

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