Day 13 – What’s In Your Purse | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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Day 13 – What’s In Your Purse

(starting from top, left to right)

  • Alligator phone holder (Zoo Atlanta) – I keep the family’s gold iPod NaNo in this. I got it for Christmas a few years ago and I always keep it with me, although I end up using my phone for most of the music I listen to since we have Amazon Music. However, our iPod is still what I enjoy using for music in the car sometimes!
  • Fossil handbag (thrift store) – I absolutely adore this little bag! It’s where I keep extra hair ties, and I usually keep hydra-cortisone cream in here as well (to treat mosquito bites in the summer), but I recently gave it to my family because we ran out of our other tube haha
  • Wallet (Kohl’s) – All the normal stuff: cards, moneys, receipts, and my phone charger.
  • WetOnes (Walmart) – Because who wants to get sick? Not I!
  • Epipen (my allergist) – Betcha didn’t know this about me! I carry an Epipen on me, which my allergist prescribed to me last October when he found out I’m allergic to all trees, molds, grasses, and shellfish. *grins* Go figure.
  • Pen / Notebook (TJMaxx) – I’m glad this prompt was included in the challenge, because I’m always misplacing the pen I keep in my purse! I retrieved a new pen so I could take the picture, haha.
  • My purse (thrift store) – I suppose it’s actually more of a bag, huh? Oh, well.

Of course, I also keep my phone in my purse, but I had to use it to take the picture.

8 thoughts on “Day 13 – What’s In Your Purse | Blogging Challenge April 2019

  1. I keep a crazy amount of stuff in my handbag! Like, I know what’s in their & it’s not rubbish but I’m kinda prepared for anything! If the apocalypse starts, you’ll want to be with me! 😂

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