Day 11 – A Photo Of Your Handwriting | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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Hey there! Today’s prompt is a very simple one … however, I’m going to include two pictures instead of one. My handwriting can’t be accurately depicted through one photo, since depending on my mood, the time of day, etc. (you’ll see why in a moment, lol), my handwriting looks different. A quickly scribbled to-do list versus a memory verse I carefully write out look completely different!

Day 11 – A Photo Of Your Handwriting

I wrote this a few minutes ago when I began working on today’s post. I haven’t been awake for too long, so my hand wasn’t very steady! Later in the day, my handwriting is always smoother and more even. I chose this Bible verse because it used to be one of my favorites a couple years ago.

Here’s my second example:

While practicing calligraphy at the beginning of this year, I wrote out some song lyrics in cursive, then went back over each letter to thicken the downstrokes. (You should definitely go listen to this song. Like, right now.) I definitely prefer my cursive handwriting to my normal print, haha!

Does your handwriting always look the same,
or does it depend on the time of day?

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