10 Color Collages

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Hello! ❤ This is the first “real” post I’ve done in a while, and even this one is counting toward the challenge I’m doing. 😂 For day 10, you’re supposed to share 10 photos with or without captions. I decided to take advantage of this prompt and share some really cool edits I’ve been making this month! I’m extremely pleased with how they turned out, and I’d love to hear what you think. ❤ I’ll simply title them, so there won’t be any captions.

I made all of the photos below using the beautiful photography from Unsplash, then turned them into collages using the free app PhotoGrid.

Day 10 – 10 Photos

– yellow –

– orange –

– green –

– red –

– white –

– black –

– blue –

– purple –

– turquoise –

– pink –

Which collage is your favorite?

p.s. Unfortunately, I will be unable to pick a favorite, because I love all of them equally haha

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