Day 6 – Three Ways To Win Your Heart | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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Hey there! Today’s prompt will be another quick one, but that’s what’s cool about this challenge – I get to enjoy blogging daily without worrying about needing to write an article! 😂 These prompts have already been a lot of fun to answer, so I’m looking forward to continuing to share my responses and read others’ posts.

Three Ways To Win Your Heart

1. Have a relationship with the Lord.

There is nothing more attractive to me than a man who loves the Lord. It deeply inspires me to read about and listen to people who are passionate about following the Lord and allowing Him to lead their lives. This will most definitely be the selling point for me in my future romantic relationship – true compatibility is having a partner whose life the Lord is leading in the same direction as mine!

2. Be a hard worker.

This is an endangered trait in my generation. Most of the teenage guys I see when I’m out and about could be described as sluggish, bored, and purposeless, which is a tragic combination. I’d love to meet a man who’s driven by the purposes the Lord has placed on his heart, a man who will put his mind to something and follow through with it. That would absolutely win my heart!

3. Have a great sense of humor.

While this may be an optional quality for most, it is a requirement for me, haha! Comedy is the way I connect with people I otherwise don’t have much in common with, which is the beauty of it – I really enjoy laughing with people. So, I know for a fact that if a guy was able to keep up with what I’m joking about and riff back and forth with me, I’d fall for him instantly! (Of course, for me to truly connect with him, he’d have to also possess the two qualities I previously mentioned, so I’m prayerfully waiting for this dude to come into my life haha)

What are three ways to win your heart?

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