Day 3 – Something That Makes You Happy | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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Hey there! This is the first time in the challenge where I’ll be changing up the prompts. I’ve switched today’s and tomorrow’s since I don’t have pictures for that one yet. Flexibility is a blessing! 😂💕

There were several things I thought of that make me happy. As a matter of fact, this prompt is very similar to the first in this challenge … 🤔 Anyway, haha, I decided on one thing that’s been bringing me a lot of happiness lately! That thing is coloring.

Day 3 – Something Beautiful To You

I’ve enjoyed filling in coloring pages since I was a little kid, but this is the first time I’ve ever had a coloring book that is an awesome project! It wasn’t designed to have the pages torn out (which I’ve always done before now), and I love that about it. As you can see, this coloring book is called Magical Jungle, and I got it from Michael’s.

I colored the entire front cover myself. There were some details that were pre-filled with gold foil, so I just worked around those. lol I’m very happy with the finished look! I don’t think I’ll do the back cover, since it’s identical to the front, because the front took me quite a while haha

I based the colors of this parrot on the cute guy that is currently my blog’s header. (You can see him here!)

So, this coloring book is going to take me quite a while to complete! I’m spending extra time thinking about color palette choices, because I don’t want all of the pages to look too similar. Aside from the fact that everything will be primarily green (haha), I’m carefully deciding on flower colors and the appearance of all the jungle creatures.

I love myself a good photo filter, but I left all of the pictures of the coloring book filter-free. I wanted you to be able to see the real color without looking at it through a filter!

Here’s a full shot of the front flap.

I did the title page a little differently than the cover. I saved all color pencil usage to frame this plant wreath, then I outlined that with a pen. I think the finished effect is pretty cool! I also used my gold gel pen to fill in the title of the coloring book, which ended up looking way better than I’d expected.

My Supplies

Here are the four groups of supplies I use when I’m coloring! You can see (clockwise from top left): (1) my Crayola colored pencils basket, (2) my Crayola fine tip markers, (3) more Crayola colored pencils (which I’ll start using when my other green colored pencils run out haha), and (4) my dual-tip Crayola markers. The variety of colors here provides me with endless color palette inspiration!

This post was not sponsored by Crayola, but it might as well have been. haha

What is something that makes you happy?

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