Day 1 – Something Beautiful To You | Blogging Challenge April 2019

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When I read what the first prompt was for this challenge, I immediately knew what I wanted to write about. ❀

Day 1 – Something Beautiful To You

Elizabeth’s smile.

Elizabeth and I have been through a lot together. Our family has been impacted, both positively and negatively, through the challenges she’s faced, and especially through the obstacles she’s overcome. Her understanding of the world and her acceptance of how it works has been a constant, ongoing topic of conversation in our family. Learning about how to teach her so that she can be a happy little girl is one of our top priorities.

Elizabeth’s smile is beautiful to me because for a very, very long time, I never got to see it. Several months of her toddlerhood were spent with her feeling confused and frustrated, which means there wasn’t much smiling going on by any of us. However, with each new thing she learns, her gorgeous smile becomes more and more frequent, which is why I love taking pictures of it.

Having photographed moments of times when she was honestly enjoying herself are a pure treasure to me, because for so long, joy was absent from her face.

I’ve always loved taking pictures of the people I love when they’re smiling, but Elizabeth has brought a new, deeper meaning to it. I cherish every photo of her grinning, even the ones were she was moving around a lot and they’re blurry.

Every day, Elizabeth is teaching me that the smallest of blessings become life-changing when you see them in a new way. ❀

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