Reality Check: The Behind-The-Scenes You Never See {Introduction}

I had an idea for a post recently that I knew I wanted to share on my blog. It won’t be the easiest to talk about, but I know for a fact that it will help at least one person!

When you look at the overall mood of my blog (click here to view it outside of the Reader), it looks like I have it all together, right? The featured images go well together, I share posts regularly, the titles do a good job of describing the posts (geez, I’m such a narcissist right now, hahaha), and there’s a lot of discussion that happens in the comments.

When I talk about my life, which I do in most posts, I talk about happy things. I share a lot of beautiful pictures, I talk about what I’ve learned – in short, I only share what I want you to see.

Everyone online does that.

While there are posts I do share that are more transparent, where I discuss problems going on in my life and how I’m working through them, I’m still selective in what’s publicly shared.

What I’d like to do in this new blog series is be even more open with what my life looks like behind-the-scenes. I want you to know how my desk looks most of the week. I want you to see the kind of work I have to put into my blog for it to look the way it does. I don’t want anyone to ever feel jealous of the “perfect” life I have, because what you see on Dreaming of Guatemala is not a complete representation of who I am.

Is there anything I’ve shared on my blog
that you’d like a behind-the-scenes look at?

I’d love to know! If someone has already commented what you were going to say, just like that comment to let me know you want to see it, too.

Also, yes, I have done two blog posts today (which I never do, haha), and the featured image I made for this post was intentionally made to be cringe-y. haha

Thanks for reading! I’d appreciate your feedback (:

20 thoughts on “Reality Check: The Behind-The-Scenes You Never See {Introduction}

  1. Great idea Maggie! I think it’s so true (at least for me) that I only share the positive experiences in my life, not the negative ones online. I mean I think it is really important to keep things positive, but I also think it’s important to be real and share what’s going on.

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    1. Thanks Hannah! ❤ It is so much easier to talk about the positive, and while I don't think the negative should ever be our focus, I agree with you – we should always be real! 🙂 If we're going through a rough time, we shouldn't keep blogging positively and faking a happy face.

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  2. Hm, it’s funny, but I try to share both the negative and the positive ’cause.. um. not. sure. just ’cause. It’s been pretty negative for me recently. That being said, I’d like to know how you manage two blogs at once!

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    1. It’s always good to be sharing both sides of life, as long as our focus isn’t the negative. However, there are times when we just need to make it through. 🙂 Sure, I’ll write about that!

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  3. So much of what people post online, from social media to blogs, is an edited version of themselves, the snippets of their lives they want others to see. I try to keep my blog upbeat but I balance it with an honest view of the struggles I have, the bad days, the things that aren’t always positive. I love this idea of highlighting that we show what we want others to see, and to offer a little look ‘behind the scenes’. I guess I’d like to ask what things you struggle with, mentally or physically? What do you do on your ‘down’ days when you have them?
    Caz xx

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    1. While I think we should always be celebrating the happy things in our lives, it’s also important to balance sharing both sides so that people can genuinely connect with us! I appreciate that you talk about both, it keeps your blog real 😊 I’ll definitely share those posts! Thanks for the suggestions.

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  4. Your whole writing/editing/images process and how long it takes – I know it’s different for everyone but I’m just so interested in other people’s processes! 💕

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  5. This is a great idea! I was wondering, how many times do you draft a post or do you just write it in one go? I guess all people are different! 😊
    Great idea, I might try this! ✨
    Amber x
    ps. Sorry I’ve not being reading posts, have been away for a while from blogging, take a well deserved lil’ break! 😂

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