How I’m Focusing On Positive Change

Hi there ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful day! I truly feel like I have turned to a new chapter in the story that is my life, which is why I’m here to write this post today.

I’d like to share with you some of the ways I’m focusing on embracing and encouraging positive change in my life, which I deeply encourage you to consider incorporating into your own life, as well. You may be going through something tough right now, or you were going through a rough season and you are now, like me, coming out of it. Whatever you may be facing today, there will ALWAYS be room for more positivity and sunlight in our lives, which is why I’d love to share this part of my journey with you!

In between my tips and encouragement, I’ll be including the photographs I took at the zoo yesterday. I hope you enjoy!

How I’m Focusing On Positive Change

1. I’m overcoming things that once scared me.

There are several things I could list here that have been big fears of mine for most of my life. However, the point of this post isn’t to focus on what once was – it’s to encourage positive change, lol! As you might have seen in this post, I got a short haircut for the first time in years (I was scared, for a very long time, that it would look bad), and I got my ears pierced again (after fearfully avoiding the subject for over a decade).

We don’t realize how much we bury fear until we decide to face it. I never really acknowledged just how much anxiety I was associating with ear-piercing and short haircuts, but as soon as I decided to stop being afraid and just go for it, THAT ANXIETY WENT AWAY. I love my hair, and I love my new earrings! Next up on my list of fears to conquer is my crippling fear of spiders. Wish me luck, guys, haha

My challenge for you is to write down everything that scares you, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my fears based on legitimate danger, or are they based on uncertainty?
  • Can I overcome any of them?
  • Is it possible for me to change how I view these fears so that my response to them won’t be so crippling?

2. I’m starting to do things again that I gave up on when I was down.

Until now, I hadn’t realized just how many things I stopped doing when the difficult season of my life began in the summer of 2016. Slowly but surely, everything in my life was affected by the negative way I looked at it all, and eventually, I gave up on hobbies and situations and people and myself because everything felt so worthless. I’ve never seen myself as someone with depression, but ohhh boy. These past three years were depressing for me.

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Here are a few things on my list of things to start doing again: bullet journaling, Spanish review, drawing my old comic strip, writing stories, and being consistently active in the blogging community. ❤

Is there anything in your life that you miss doing? What is holding you back from returning to it?

3. I’m rejoicing over and enjoying every tiny step of the way.

I’ve seen this true in Elizabeth’s life, as well as my own. When things have been very dark in your life for a long time, then every ray of sunshine (no matter how tiny!) become huge blessings! I have been so encouraged by how the past few days of my life have gone that I’m already feeling completely renewed. It is by the Lord’s love and the support of my family that I’ve made it through this. Getting excited about small steps of progress is what keeps you moving in the right direction.

4. I’m embracing who I am at this moment, refusing to strive for perfection.

This is often easier said than done – especially since I’ve identified as a perfectionist for quite a while now. By labeling myself as someone who wants everything to be perfect, that became my ideal. I don’t want to do that anymore, especially since perfection isn’t attainable. Progress and effort are so much greater than perfection. I have to remind myself every day that I don’t have to be at my end goal right now. I don’t have to be fluent in Spanish, I don’t have to have all the blog posts I wish I’d written by this point already published, I don’t have to have it all figured out. My life is in the Lord’s hands, and focusing on being happy with the progress I make daily is what He desires for me to focus on.

5. I’m reminding myself that the Lord allowed me to face these hardships for a beautiful purpose.

I’d like to share an important truth with you: embracing where you’ve been is the only way you’ll be free to continue on. For the past two and a half years, I tried to let go of the small issues that came up, instead of facing the big issue that was buried beneath it all. The moment I was willing to see that the ways I’d been responding to my life was because of me, not my circumstances, all of the pain that was in my heart was released. I admitted to my family that I had done wrong. I decided to forgive myself, and I gave all of what I’d been feeling to the Lord.

Even though I regret being stuck in a bad mindset for so long, the Lord is still using that situation even now to teach me how to trust in Him. I want to use my experiences to draw closer to the Lord, and connect with others who are facing similar circumstances.

You are not alone in this. ❤

6. I’m recognizing negative thought patterns, then I let them go.

This is the one thing I’ve been doing recently that I haven’t done, probably ever before now. My parents have been talking with me these past several weeks about seeing negative thoughts for what they are – not from me, or from the Lord – and then letting them pass, instead of holding onto them and letting them ruin me. I have already avoided so many mental pitfalls, which is massively improving my emotional health! I may write a post on this in the future to share about this more in depth.

7. I’m focusing on living in each present day.

I spent most of the past three years feeling dissatisfied in the way my life was going. I honed in on the negative in the past, and I freaked out about the uncertainty of the future. Meanwhile, I was a miserable human in the present, and I couldn’t even recognize it. When I put the effort into enjoying where the Lord has me right now, instead of trying to figure out where He’s leading me or why things have occurred in my life the way they have, He gives me peace to face today. That’s where I desire to live. ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I hope and pray that this will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and embrace positive change like I am. Let me know if there’s anything you’re facing and would like to talk about, whether that’s in the comments or by email. I’d love to listen.

31 replies on “How I’m Focusing On Positive Change”

Wow this post is amazing! 😄 I was smiling all the way through and am so so happy to hear you’re in a better place than you were. I’m going to embrace and encourage positive change too and take note of/celebrate small steps taken in the right direction. Lately I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone and I just realized that I haven’t really acknowledged that and I probably should ❤️xx

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I love where you said, “Are my fears based on legitimate danger or uncertainty?” That is something that is so true for me. Often I get worked up on the smallest details of things. I’m learning to take a step back and one thing that’s been really helpful for me has been “sleeping on it” Often at the moment something seems so big, but then the next day it’s no big deal.

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I’m happy that spoke to you, Hannah! It definitely got me thinking, too 😊💕 Yes, same here! I always forget that the little things bothering me today won’t even be memorable once I stop worrying about them. They always seem so legitimate when I focus on them, but later on I can’t remember them lol!

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This is great. I am, too, working on overcoming my fears. It’s a lofty goal indeed! I love your new profile picture, and your hair is so cute!

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Wow, this was very good, Maggie. It hit home with me. A couple of the points, (well, okay, all of them), 😆 spoke to me personally. Great questions/challenges, (also you look so cute!) 👍A lot of my fears are from things I’m guessing I watched or something. For example, I love motorcycles and want to be really good at riding one, but I am legitimately frightened by them, I think death when I think about driving one day. But, my goal is to one day do it on a winding road, and I hope to accomplish that, (but I have to wait until I’m older for that one). ❤ I've conquered a lot of my fears but I have a long way to go. 😁 Thanks for such a great post. Nicely done! 😍

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Thank you Ariana! I’m so glad you enjoyed it 😊💜 Don’t let fear hold you back from achieving your dream! That is such a great goal 😍💚 I hope and pray you’ll get to do that one day! You’re welcome!

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Firstly, you look amazing!
I think I’ll be doing that fear challenge myself!
And I must say that this a very honorable thing you’re doing, as you’re not only facing your fears but motivating other people to face their fears as well! Great job Maggie! 🙂

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I’m so, so happy for you Maggie ❤ This next chapter of your life sounds like a happy turn from the past years, and I'm so glad that you're stepping up and getting out of your comfort zone! And that you're letting go of the past. 🙂 Keep pressing on Maggie!

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Amen Maggie! Learning to face my fears has been one of the main things I’ve been dealing with over the past year… most the time they are just based off of uncertainty as well and other times it’s simply based off of what I may think others are thinking about me lol. Glad you’re overcoming your struggles too, through the strength that Christ gives us! Xx

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