What Is SVT? | Info + Advice {Guest Post}

What Is SVT? | Info + Advice {Guest Post}

Hello and welcome back to my blog! In today’s post, I am happy to introduce a new post series. I have started asking different bloggers to write guest posts for Dreaming of Guatemala and share their experiences with the health-related conditions they face on a regular basis, as well as isolated experiences, such as a season in their life or a surgery they’ve had.

I’m doing this in the hopes of raising awareness about various conditions, providing real advice from people who are going through or have gone through these things. They can be educational for all of us, and hopefully helpful and applicable for those who can relate!

For this first health guest post, I am happy to welcome Vanessa Williams from Living like a green olive tree, who has written about a condition she has called SVT. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Vanessa!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This post is not intended to diagnose anyone with SVT or provide medical advice for others with the condition in place of professional help. This post takes a glance at one person’s experience and what has helped them to manage SVT. If you think you or someone you know has SVT, seek medical advice first.

With that disclaimer aside, I hope you enjoy the post!

What Is SVT?
Info + Advice

Hello everyone! Maggie asked me to see if I wanted to be a guest writer and I’m honored to be a guest writer! Thank you so much for letting me do this Maggie! This is 1 of 2 posts I will be doing. Each one has a different topic.

The topic of this post is Chronic Medical Conditions.

When I was born I was born 3 1/2 months early. I weighed 2.2 pounds and I was born with 3 holes in my heart and I wasn’t expected to live. But God healed the 3 holes in my heart and after all the doctors saying I won’t live I will be 16 this year!!

But I do have Supraventricular tachycardia also known as SVT.

Supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is defined as an abnormally rapid heart rhythm having an electropathologic substrate emerging above the bundle of His (atrioventricular bundle), thus causing the heart to escalate to rates higher than 100 beats per minute.


Which just means my heart goes WAY too fast all the time. For a normal person with a normal heart, their heart goes about 60-100 BPM (beats per minute). But a person with SVT, their heart goes 100 BPM or more all the time. A person with SVT: caffeine is NOT your friend. For example, one day I drank 1 pop and had 2 cups of coffee. (Bad idea.) First off I was shaking so much and my heart was going so fast I literally could NOT sit still for more than a minute. And then I checked my heart rate… My max heart rate is 204 BPM and my heart rate was 289 BPM!!! NOT GOOD!! So yeah, caffeine isn’t my friend.

My advice for anyone dealing with SVT is to first take care of yourself!!

Avoid caffeine if you have SVT really bad or you know it affects your SVT. I know coffee, pop, and stuff like that is good but it’s not worth your health or life!!

Some of the methods to slow my heart when my heart is going too fast, I either hold my breath or I go put my face in REALLY cold water, and try to shock my heart back into a normal rhythm. If that doesn’t work for you I would suggest you go to the hospital if you think it is getting worse.

My encouragement for you would be it could be a lot worse! And if coffee, pop, or any other caffeine is what you really want their is always decaff and caffeine free!!! There still is hope and it is just as good!! If you haven’t tried it just give it a try – you may love it!!

You are not alone!! There are lots of people with SVT
and they are making it. I know you can make it
if someone else is making it, DON’T ever give up!!

To all my SVT family remember September is our awareness month!!

Thank you again Maggie for letting me do this!! You are the best!!

Love ~ Vanessa

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