Loving My Family & Facing My Fears

I have been a completely different person yesterday and today.

Since writing this post on Sunday night, all of the weight that was on my shoulders was completely lifted. It was a transformation unlike anything else I’ve experienced, and I am thanking the Lord continually for it. ❤ If you have ever doubted that the Lord could deliver you from something, I want to confidently reassure you that everything is possible with Him! He rescued me from a very dark season of my life.

In this post, I want to share what I’ve been up to yesterday and today. I hope you enjoy!

Our First Sibling Outing

My mom needed time to finish planning my brothers’ schoolwork for the upcoming weeks, so Joshua and I teamed up and took our little siblings on a fun outing! We went to Elizabeth’s favorite playground, which has been her favorite place to go recently. As we pulled into the parking lot, she said, “Park?! Yay!” and started clapping. It was so sweet!

I decided to take a ton of pictures of Elizabeth and Isabella while we were at the playground. It has been months since I attempted a photoshoot, both the planned kind and the on-a-whim kind, because when there’s barely any break in the kind of stress you’re going through, the last thing you want to do is photograph it. So, I didn’t take many pictures of my little sisters last year. I kind of regret that, but I would also hate to have lots of photos that make me very sad to look at, so I am glad that I stopped taking regular pictures for a while.

However, we were all having such a beautiful day yesterday that I knew doing a photoshoot would make the experience even more enjoyable!

I took a chance at taking a selfie with Elizabeth before I got her out of the car seat (she can be pretty impatient sometimes), and oh. my. gosh. Look at her cute little smile!

She couldn’t wait to get to the playground, taking off at a sprint. I could barely keep up with all the stuff I was carrying (I hadn’t been able to drop the stuff off into Isabella’s stroller, haha), but I did photograph her escaping ponytail! I thought her hair looked so cool in this shot.

You should have seen her response when she found out there was a sweet doggy at the playground! She could hardly contain her excitement and kept saying, “Doggy! Hi!!!” The dog’s owners were very kind about the attention she was giving their dog, which I really appreciated.

It was so sweet watching this little boy smile at Elizabeth’s excitement. Over the course of her life, Elizabeth’s interactions with her peers have been extremely limited. It has only been in the past week or so that she’s started noticing and talking to other kids, and this was one of those times. The boy complimented her necklace, and she got all excited about his monster shoes, haha! It was beautiful watching her compliment him – it almost made me cry. Every new thing she’s able to do is a HUGE step for her. We celebrate every tiny progress!

It took her a bit to remember we were at the playground, haha, but once she did, we were off to the swings!

Something else she’s been doing that’s new lately is including me and my mom in her activities at playgrounds. Before now, she’d do her own thing and we’d chase her around, but as evident in the picture above, she wanted me to go slide with her.

Here she is, waiting for my cue to begin sliding!

Elizabeth has a love-hate relationship with swings – she’ll ride happily for twenty seconds, then decide she wants to get down because the playground beckons to her. lol I wanted to take a few pictures of her swinging, though, so I distracted her by saying, “WHAT?!” then taking a picture as soon as she started laughing at my antics. The picture above was the outcome!

I loved following her around. ❤

The next three pictures are of Isabella. I can’t even remember the last time I shared a photo of her on my blog … *sigh* I don’t want to be sad about my minimal photographs of her, because that’s how life was last year. But I’m going to start taking lots and lots of pictures again.

Isabella loves it when I sing the alphabet, and she now applauds me once I’ve finished a round, haha!

I don’t know what it is about side profiles; I LOVE THEM.

She has the quirkiest, blondest hair. lol There’s no telling what her luscious locks will be up to on any given day!

Facing My Fears

Alright. *takes a deep breath* I did two things this morning that I was afraid to go through with. Are you ready??

I took myself to the hair salon to get my hair cut! I’ve been wanting short hair for a loooong time, but my hair’s tendency to get frizzy held me back. I did a bit of research yesterday and looked at short hairstyles that work for thick curly hair, and I found a look that I fell in love with.

Ta-daaaa! The style is called an “angled lob,” which I think stands for ‘long bob’? I don’t know, haha! It’s shorter in the back and longer in the front, with layering throughout.

Now! On to the scariest thing I’ve done in a while …

I GOT MY EARS PIERCED. This is a HUGE step for me as a person, because I was terrified of having my ears pierced again after the negative experience I had when I got them pierced in 2008. I didn’t like them at all as an eight year old, lol, and in the years since then, I wrote off having pierced ears as a possibility since I had been so upset with them before.

However, 2019 is all about making positive change in my life, and honestly, I was tired of being scared. I was tired of not trying again and I was tired of my only memory of ear piercing being so negative. I got my ears pierced today to have  a positive, exciting experience with them. The studs I chose are my birthstone – April’s diamond – and I can’t wait for my ears to heal so I can try out other earrings, too!

Thank you so much for reading. ❤

Which picture was your favorite?

58 replies on “Loving My Family & Facing My Fears”

Aww, your sisters are so adorable! YOUR HAIR IS GORGEOUS! That cut looks so good on you! Congratulations on getting your ears pierced. I had a horrible experience getting mine pierced last fall, but it turned out to be worth it. XD

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It’s lovely to hear a weight has been lifted & to see you spending time with family. Isabella & Elizabeth are such sweeties! And wooohooo about facing your fears – the new hair do looks fab! Really fresh & cute. And you’ll love having pierced ears if you’re anything like me & have a thing for jewellery, there are so many earrings out there you’ll want to try them all when you can change your birthstone studs 😀

Caz xx

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LOVE THE HAIR ! ! ! And happy to hear you are feeling better about life and loving your siblings ❤ I recently did "the big chop" to my hair and I don't know if I'll ever go back to long hair again! It had it past my waist, and now it is above my shoulders 😮 I love it short and hope you do too!

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Your sisters are soooo cute!! I love your new haircut it looks great on you! I hope to get my ears pierced sometime. April birthdays are the best!(I’m not biased or anything XD) We have 3 April birthdays in our family. Mine is near the end of April

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Your sister is so adorable, thank you for sharing! That just made my day, I love little children, honestly. 😍 My favorite picture was her on the park “bridge” thingy and you following her, so adorable. I used to love going to the park, I would get so excited. 😜 I love your new haircut, I’m glad you did it, so cute! 💕 You look good. 😎 COngrats on getting your ears pierced!


Oh my god! Elizabeth is sooo cute!!! I loved her picture on the swing! She seems so happy! No one can be happy more than little children!
Your hair looks amazing! My sister got an angel bob a few years ago and although she did not like it, I loved it! I am terrified of getting my ears pierced as well. Great post Maggie! Keep up the good work! 💙

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Your little sisters are adorable! I love your new hair as well. Mine has gotten really long and tangled, so I hope to cut it soon, haha. 😀 And it’s great that you went and got your ears pierced! They look so pretty! ❤

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Your sisters are such cuties! I’m always slightly terrified when I get my hair cut, wondering if it’ll end up too short and I won’t be able to put it into a ballet bun. Luckily, it’s never happened, haha. Congrats on pierced ears! Earrings are super fun, let me tell you. This post was so sweet and fun to read 🙂

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Awwwe! I loved this post so much. 😀 The little boy complimenting Elizabeth is SO cute!! ❤ I love your hair, super cute! I just got my hair cut a little shorter, and I am loving it. 😀 Way to go!! I want to get my ears pierced as well..but I am a little nervous as well. 😛

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Aw thank you, Gracie! 😄 I know!! It was the sweetest thing to watch. Thanks, and that’s awesome! Glad you’re enjoying your shorter haircut 😊💕 It definitely made me nervous haha, but it’s over with so fast! Now I just have to make it through six weeks of leaving the starter earrings in 😜😂💜


Yup, and then after SIX MONTHS, it will stop hurting to change the earrings. 😳 ears take forever to heal, haha! So by the fall, I can enjoy trying new earrings 🤪


Love your hair!! Good on you for facing those fears ^-^

I haven’t followed your blog for very long, but I just wanted to say that I’m proud of the strides you’re making ❤ Keep being honest and reaching for brighter things 🙂

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Thanks Kendra!! Yeah, I was definitely nervous about it, but since I’d already had them done once before, I knew that it was over quickly. 😂 Haha that’s something I’ll have to watch out for, as well! My baby sisters are always grabbing at my jewelry

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It was really nice reading your post about how you’re making personal decisions to face your fears and focus on the positive. It’s definitely motivating to here someone else successfully take those steps. You alluded to times that were not so positive and I wanted to share this short video that helped me cope and motivate me to do more positive things for myself. Wish you the best! And my favorite picture was the one on the swing. It would even look good and black and white

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