Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part Two

Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part Two

This is part two of a fun post series where I respond to people’s assumptions about me! Click here to read part one. All of the assumptions have been randomized, and I’ll be answering them as best I can!

Reading People’s
Assumptions About Me

You like the color yellow.

I adore the color yellow! It is so bright and energetic, and I think it’s so beautiful in interior design. (I’ll probably be one of those people with a blue/yellow kitchen someday haha)

You want to go to Guatemala.

I definitely do! At first, I thought that I might live there someday, but it turns out that a mission trip here and there is what the Lord has placed on my heart. ❤

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You like scented candles.

Yeah, just as long as they don’t make my nose start stinging haha

You have small-ish tootsies.

No – I have to buy the largest women’s shoe size they sell at stores. I have wide feet, so size 10-11 are what’s comfortable. IT’S A STRUGGLE.

You read less than you’d like.

Girl, if that ain’t the truth! (Did I just say ‘ain’t’?) I read so much less than I’d like to, but I have a lot going on in my life (both in my family, as well as the other hobbies I spend time pursuing), so I don’t regret it too much.

You read at night before going to sleep.

Yes! I used to read a chapter book before bed when I was younger, but now I just read a few Bible verses before dozing off.

You’re really cheerful.

Yes, I am! When I’m in a really good mood (which I’d say is the majority of the time), I’m always bursting into song and turning the simplest of situations into a detailed joke. I love life.

You like music.

Um, no. I LOVE MUSIC. If I didn’t have music, I would be an entirely different person. Music helps me to express myself, and I just adore it!

You use a lot of long words.

I think I actually do, haha! I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old, and that love of English words has carried over into the way I talk and relate to things. I have so much fun finding synonyms for words, you have no idea!

You like vintage style.

Ooh you know me very well! I adore vintage style – there are so many fashion statements throughout history that I deeply appreciate and love wearing myself! For example, one reason why I enjoy watching I Love Lucy so much is because Lucy’s clothes just fascinate me haha

You are very passionate about Jesus.

Yes, I am! I love writing about my Lord and Savior – He is my all. ❤

You like instrumental music.

Oh, wow. Are you guys stalking me, or something?? Haha, I love instrumental music! It helps me to focus when I’m working on anything that takes a lot of concentration. Give me a good violin solo or some jazz piano and I could listen to it for hours.

You like learning new things.

Yes! I am an education sponge, haha – if I’m not learning new things, I feel very stagnant and unfulfilled. Then again, if I learn too many things at once, then I start mixing them up, like that time I confused the speed of light with the speed of sound. There’s a huge difference between them, people! (Like, a couple billion light years hahaha)

You live at home.

Yes, I do! I graduated from high school last May, and since then, I’ve been helping out with my family, going new places, trying new things, and working on pursuing my various hobbies and interests. I’m very thankful I can live at home for the time being!

You’ve been to Guatemala at least 2 times.

No, I haven’t been to Guatemala yet! My blog name probably sounds like I’m dreaming of going back, when in actuality, I’m dreaming of going there someday haha

You like re-purposed / classical things (like thrifting, classical literature, old songs & movies) idk why – you just give me that oldie appreciation feel?

*gasp* Yes, I do! Haha! I definitely appreciate the oldies – there are so many awesome things that have practically been lost in history. things such as shirts that aren’t paper thin but I wouldn’t consider those lost in history yet lol Thrifting is one of my favorite pastimes! And I’m constantly going back to listening to old music (the 60s/70s and early 2000s), as well as watching 90s movies!

You have your own bedroom.

Nope – at the moment, I share a room with my two year old sister, Elizabeth! She only comes in the room to sleep in her crib, though, so most of the room is set up the way I like it. We recently bought a bookshelf to display some of Elizabeth’s things, which has been a nice addition to the room!

You live in Minnesota.

Random assumption time! *claps excitedly* Nope, and I’ve never even been to Minnesota! Proof of this fact is that I have to keep checking the spelling of Minnesota haha

You’re a morning person.

YES. I never thought I’d be able to say that, because I was so cranky in the mornings growing up lol, but I love starting my day with a glass of coffee and reading my Bible! Starting the day right is the #1 reason why I love mornings now. ❤

You were saved when you were little (4-7).

Yes! I was either 6 or 7, I’m still not sure, but I do know that my relationship with the Lord began the year I turned twelve.

You love reading and writing.

Yes, I adore both! My enjoyment of both has fluctuated over the years, and at the moment, I’m actually enjoying reading more than I do writing. (No offense to you, my dear blog!)

You’re really smiley and laugh a lot.

Yes! I’m always laughing and joking about something, and I’m usually a pretty vibrant person. When I don’t allow my thoughts to get in the way of my happiness and enjoyment of life, I’m very smiley. ❤

Thank you so much for reading, and another special thank you to everyone who participated! I loved doing this, haha.

Which assumption was the funniest?

28 thoughts on “Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part Two

      1. I was 😭 but I unfollowed so many people when I wasn’t feeling good enough emotionally to enjoy blog reading. I’m feeling so much better now, which is why I’m re-following (and others I’m following for the first time) bloggers!

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  1. I’m not sure where people got the “been to Guatemala twice” but that was fun to read! XD And morning people ftw, even though I’ve been a night owl by necessity. 😛 And the Minnesota one- where did THAT come from? XD

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