What Are Your Positive Music Recommendations?

What Are Your Positive Music Recommendations?

Hey guys ❤️ I have an important, rather urgent post to share with you today.

I haven’t talked about it much on Dreaming of Guatemala, but 2018 was an extremely rough year for me and my family. There were so many things we experienced that made those twelve months very dark for each of us, and along the way, we developed ways of coping with what we were going through that we’re wanting to begin changing now.

I’ve been sharing some posts lately on how much better I’ve been doing in 2019, so I won’t be talking about myself today. I’m sharing this post specifically for my 15-year-old brother Joshua.

The main way he got through 2018 was by turning to negative music that helped him to not feel alone in what he was experiencing.

Right now, he’s looking for positive music to be listening to that will replace all the negativity. That’s why we need your help!

In the comments below, please share all the positive music you recommend. These songs/bands/singers can be Christian-based, as well as any secular music you know of that is uplifting.

He’s looking for a variety of new, positive music to be listening to, so everything happy and encouraging goes! Make your comment as long as you want – Joshua would deeply appreciate all suggestions!

Thank you so much 💖

74 thoughts on “What Are Your Positive Music Recommendations?

  1. Sorry! Pressed the submit button too soon.
    “Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)”

    Also “Come Thou Font of Every Blessing/If You Could Hie to Kolab” by Elenyi & Sarah Young

    Hope you and your brother like those! I find them very uplifting. 💛

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  2. I’m so sorry you had a rough year! Here are my recommendations;
    Galaxies by Owl City
    Unbelievable by Owl City
    Captains of the Sky by Sky Sailing
    Check Yes, Juliet by We The Kings
    Skyway Avenue by We The Kings
    Fair warning, these are all relentlessly catchy, so if you listen once, you’ll be singing them forever, lol.
    You’re in my prayers!

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  3. 1,Casting Crown.
    2, Bethel music (from the Bible School in Redding, USA).
    3, Benesser.
    4, Extol (Christian hardcore I’ve been listen to for years).
    5, Narnia (Christian heavy metal band).
    6, P.O.D. (Christian band).
    7, PILLAR (Christian rocker).
    This is a mix of Heavy metal, rock and softer music that I listen to when I need some positive input. 😉

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