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Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part One

In this two-part post series, I’ll be sharing my reactions and responses to the assumptions readers sent me! I’d like to give a special thank you to all the people who sent these in – it means a lot to me that you participated! I have completely randomized these assumptions, and I grouped related ones at the top so that I can give them one answer to save on reading time. Let’s get right into this!

Reading People’s
Assumptions About Me

You’re a cat person. / You’re allergic to cats. / You’re a cat person or both a cat and dog person.

Nope, I’m a dog person! And I am allergic to cats – which actually isn’t devastating to me since I prefer dogs over cats haha

You like nature. / You like flowers. And nature in general.
You really like going out in the sunshine. / You love nature and being outdoors, but only when it’s sunny.

I love nature! Although my allergies usually force me to love it at a distance, haha. (That’s why so many of my featured images feature landscapes and the clouds.) Yes, I like flowers, but I don’t have any special fixation on ’em. Know what I mean? (Pollen’s a killer.) I love going out in the sunshine – its warmth and natural light bring me so much joy! And yeah, sunny days are the best haha

You love kids. / You love little kids.

I am still learning the discipline of patience, gentleness, and kindness.So, there are days when being patient around kids isn’t easy for me, but as a rule of thumb, I do love kids.

You are very organized. / You’re pretty organized.

Yes, I definitely am! I will literally get a ton of stuff out in my room that’s already “organized” and RE-organize it, because every time I do that, I find more stuff I don’t need and I just love going through stuff haha

You’re 5’8″. / You are 5′5″. / You are short.
You’re at least 5’6″. / You’re really tall … like 6 foot.

Alright, we have an assumption battle going on here! My mom kindly helped me measure myself so I could ascertain the winner! *drum roll* I am 5’7″ – so, whoever guessed you’re at least 5’6″, you win!

You introduced your mum to blogging.

Yes, I did! I was really into blogging as a pre-teen, and I just kept recommending blogging to my mom, even though she wasn’t interested in it at first. I still remember the day when she came up to me and said she was deciding to start her first blog – I was over the moon!! haha

You dislike alligators.

I have this widely-unaccepted appreciation for reptiles, so I actually don’t mind alligators. I would never approach an alligator or any other dangerous reptile, but I enjoy watching them from a safe distance. (Believe me, my mom thinks I’m crazy.)

You are a great person. LOL

Aww haha, I don’t think this is supposed to be sarcastic, but either way, thank you! I hope so! xD

You’re a great sibling according to your siblings and not as much according to yourself (you seem hard on yourself).

My baby sisters think I’m great (haha), but the relationship I have with my brothers has been strained these past few years. Since Elizabeth joined our family in the summer of 2016, our family interactions have been negatively affected for a long time. We’re learning about how to get along, taking each other’s differing maturity levels into consideration – I really hope to be considered a great sibling by all of them one day. ❤ Now, when it comes to myself? I am very hard on myself – you know me well, fellow assumer! (Yup, I made up a word!) Every day, the Lord is teaching me how to appreciate who I am.

You have a pet parrot named Guatemala.

Oh my gosh, ladies and gentlemen – this is randomness at its finest! I do not have a pet parrot named Guatemala, but you know what? That’s an awesome idea.

You prefer sports over the arts.

I most certainly do not. live for the arts, and I honestly couldn’t care less about sports. *careless shrug* Brutal honesty. Moving on.

You love chocolate.

Oh YES, girl!! Chocolate’s my lifeline, it’s why I keep smiling, it gives me hope when little else will. Chocolate will always be there for me. Forget people – chocolate’s forever!!!

You’re dairy-free.

Uhm well, I probably definitely should be, but I am not at the moment. *ponders* I wonder how awesome my skin would look if I cut out dairy … nah, that would be like cutting out my happiness.

You wear jeans all the time.

I really do, and you know what’s sad about that? I don’t even like jeans. *smirks* I mean, I wear them and all, but if I could wear skirts and dresses all the time instead, I’d quit wearing jeans in a heartbeat. *eyes widen* And you know, wear dresses and skirts instead. *facepalm* I butchered that …

You find joy in the little things.

Yes, I do. It’s what keeps me happy, positive, and fully enjoying my life!

You like to help your parents out around the house.

I actually do enjoy this, mainly because I share a house with six other people, so there’s always some extra work to be done (and I love being productive!). Whether that’s cleaning up the kitchen while jamming out to Fall Out Boy, or folding laundry on my bed while watching Leave It To Beaver, housework’s a blast when you can enjoy yourself at the same time.

Off the blogging world and into the real world, you are still the same amazing, friendly and funny girl you are.

Aww this is so sweet! I definitely hope and pray that my blogging personality is always in line with who I am in real life. ❤ Thank you!

You live in the country.

Nope, you’d be wrong there. I am stuck right in the MIDDLE of metro Atlanta. *slowly shakes head* You wouldn’t believe the kind of traffic we have to face most days. But I also kind of love it, because there’s always so much going on!

You’re down-to-earth and practical.

I certainly think so! I’m not sure how to relate either of these things to my life at the moment, but I still relate to them haha

You have two dogs.

I’ve never had a dog, so I certainly couldn’t have two now, haha

You’ve had pet fish.

Nope! Just some guinea pigs and a cat. (That was before I knew about the allergy … )

Thanks for reading! I look forward to sharing part two sometime soon.

Which assumption was the funniest?

28 replies on “Reading People’s Assumptions About Me – Part One”

This was so cool to read, so interesting to see assumptions and how wrong some of them are! The middle of metro Atlanta eh. I quite like the idea of living in the middle of nowhere sometimes, surrounded by fields and nature, and other times I want to be in a city where there are people and lights and activity and energy. I’d like the best of both worlds even though that’s not really possible! xx

Liked by 1 person

Haha yes! It was very interesting to write, as well. The funny thing about Georgia is that if you live in the suburbs, you’re only a short drive from the city and the country! 😂 Personally, I’d prefer to be surrounded by country land, which isn’t my reality at the moment lol.

Liked by 1 person

I loved this!! I can’t wait to see the rest!! I also love organizing things and doing housework!I need to do this on my blog sometime wonderful idea …… A pet parrot named Guatemala now that would be cool!! I have only been to Atlanta once and that was at the airport on my way to Utah on a vacation I live in East Tennessee sooo definitely not a major city!! XD wonderful post!!

Liked by 1 person

Thank you! I just shared the second post this morning 😄 You should totally do it on your blog! I know haha, I love that idea! 😂 That’s cool! We have a huge airport in Atlanta lol, it is always so busy 😱 Thank you!


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