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What Are Your Assumptions About Me?

For the past several weeks on YouTube, I’ve seen YouTubers sharing videos called ‘responding to your assumptions about me’ and such, and I thought that it was a hilarious idea, and one I’d love to try out! Today I’ll be bringing this content idea to the blogging world, where I invite you to share anything you assume about me in the contact form below. If I get enough entires, I’ll write another post responding to them. I hope this will be a lot of fun, and if you’d like to copy this idea on your blog, feel free to do so!

Once you’ve shared your assumptions about me (which will be anonymously shared in the upcoming post), leave a comment below letting me know that you did! These assumptions can be anything, from ‘I assume you’re 5’0”’ to ‘I assume you love dogs’ – anything you’ve ever subconsciously wondered about me. I’ll be responding to these assumptions letting you guys know if you were correct or not!

have fun! 😂

(if you’re on mobile/the Reader, visit my actual blog to access the contact form.)

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