What I’ve Been Loving – February 2019

What I’ve Been Loving – February 2019

Hello and welcome back to my blog! It has been months since I wrote a round-up post like this, and I feel like it’s important for me to summarize my February. I don’t usually say this, but the majority of February absolutely disappeared – we were a couple of days into the month, then suddenly we were over halfway through it!

I chose a raindrops illustration for the background of this post’s featured image because it completely pulls together February’s vibe: literally rainy and emotionally rainy. It was such a dreary month outside, and much of what I experienced emotionally was dreary, as well.

However, I’m not complaining; I learned so much this February. There were some beautiful experiences and some tough circumstances, but through it all, I grew closer to the Lord and my family, so I am grateful for everything I faced. ❤

What I’ve Been Loving – February 2019

Getting my first pair of glasses.

I had no idea that I would ever need to wear prescription glasses, but gosh, am I thankful for them now! It helps me to focus on little details around the house (i.e. coloring and reading), as well as the larger details when I’m out driving or shopping (i.e. signs and such). It reduces my squinting habit by a lot, which is awesome because I don’t want to get squint wrinkles (is that a thing? haha) or weakened vision because I’ve been straining my eyes.

Working on new coloring pages.

I think coloring will always be a hobby of mine. I adore working with color palettes, both tried-and-true ones and bold new ones, almost as much as I love interior designing! I bought a new coloring book last week that is jungle-themed, but I’m waiting to start working on it until I get some colored pencils.

Redecorating my desk space!

This is something I do every few months (or more frequently), and right now, I’m very happy with the look I accomplished! It is so satisfying when I can find decor that matches a specific color palette, because colors that complement each other is what really makes a room.

Playing Sims Mobile.

After watching this Sims challenge on YouTube, I just had to get the game for myself, haha! I didn’t want to invest in the Sims 4 (especially since I’d have to play it on the family computer or Joshua’s PS4), so I just got the app and resisted buying all the special power-ups and other fun, in-game extras. I ended up creating and maturing two rounds of Sims before I got bored of the game. The first two Sims I made were a cute couple who were very successful in their jobs and had a ton of kids (and an adorable little house!), and once they retired and their kids had grown up, I created three guys who were dorming together. (I definitely wouldn’t have had them living together, but you can only have one house in the Sims, so they made do living in the same house lol!)

Figuring out how I want to blog.

I’m still not completely sure what I’m doing yet haha, but I’m allowing the Lord to lead me! Taking it a day at a time is helping me in writing posts and thoroughly enjoying what I’m doing. (Also, this is the only one I used a stock photo for because I still can’t take decent pictures of my laptop.)

Growing closer to Elizabeth.

My heart melted the day she requested to wear her own glasses. I’d already had my glasses for a few weeks at this point, so she was used to seeing me wear them off and on. This selfie we took makes me so happy! She is learning and improving so much, which is an immense blessing for our family. When Elizabeth’s happy, everyone’s happy!

Riding in the back of our dad’s truck with Samuel.

Joshua had asked our dad if he could do some driving practice around our neighborhood in our dad’s truck. Our dad said yes, and because I was outside at the time, I jokingly got in the bed of the truck and said I was coming, too. Samuel thought this was a grand idea (haha), and got even happier when our dad said we could ride back there! It was like our own neighborhood amusement park ride lol

Hosting a blog party for the first time in forever!

I had such a fun time meeting new people and chatting with old friends at this party! A special thank you to all who joined in (:

Working on organizing my closet.

I have been trying to be content with my closet since we first moved to the house we’re currently renting. (That’ll be four years this summer.) A week or two ago, I decided, “YOU KNOW WHAT?? I’m going to get my closet actually looking good!” Haha, so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’ll probably do a closet tour post soon to celebrate!

(And yes, I own salsa dress. I have this thing for dresses, especially party ones!)

Learning some powerful lessons
in my walk with the Lord.

The Lord has been challenging me and stretching my faith this month. Whenever I pray about becoming the best version of myself, He brings to my mind the darkest things I’ve been struggling with. It’s never what I expect for Him to do, but if I was only praying about positive things, I wouldn’t be growing in my walk with Him, so I’m very thankful that He does this. ❤ Whether it’s related to my behavior with others, my thought patterns, or my expectations in situations, He helps me to work through things I’ve kept buried for years. It’s painful to work through them, but with the Lord by my side, giving me strength and encouraging me every single day, it is more than worth it to follow Him.

Decorating my family’s living room.

I went out and bought new decor for my family’s living room (which I wrote about in this post!), and I’m so happy with the finished look! Watching Elizabeth and Isabella react to the new pillows and canvas was priceless. I’m very glad everyone warmed up to it!

Thanks for reading! All in all, February was a great month, full of important lessons and awesome memories. Let me know in the comments:

What have you been loving
this February?

14 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Loving – February 2019

  1. What a lovely post, Maggie! And you are lovely. You’ve accomplished a lot this month. My February has been calming, haha. I’m in snowy Montana, in this little town where I barely know anyone, enjoying this peaceful time with my husband and son. I’ve been making cards for something to do.

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