Interior Designer Adventures + Room Decor Haul!

Interior Designer Adventures + Room Decor Haul!

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ In today’s post, I will be writing about an adventure I went on yesterday. It was early in the afternoon, and I had just gotten back from dropping off donations at our local Goodwill. My mom came outside when I was getting out of the car and asked if I’d be interested in using my interior design skills to re-design our living room! She gave me some money and told me the different ideas she had, and we looked at some possible color palettes for the room. Within minutes I was very excited, haha – I could totally be an interior designer one day! I get so much joy out of shopping for decor and designing rooms.

(Today’s post is brought to you by the Lucid filter from the PicLab app, haha. I loved the cool coloring, but 50% of me chose the filter because it’s called Lucid, and Lucid Dreams is a lit song lol)

I have no idea why my hair looks so grainy in the picture above, but at least I was happy haha

The first place I went to was TJMaxx. I went here because their throw blankets and decorative pillows are very reasonably priced (and very cute!). Their selection didn’t disappoint – I came home with four new pillows and a beautiful throw blanket. (I didn’t take any pictures inside the store, because it’s always so awkward pulling your phone out. idk why haha)

Next, I went to Hobby Lobby, which is THE place to browse wall inspiration. There are so many possibilities! I figured I’d be able to find a beautiful canvas to hang above the couch in our living room, and I did! I’ll share a picture of the finished space at the end of this post.

There’s another angle of the aisles of Hobby Lobby. I can’t get enough of the decor lol, and of course, that beautiful 50%-off sign is killing it!

The other thing I was shopping for was decor for Elizabeth’s corner of my room! She has been responding beautifully to small changes lately, because before now, she was very rigid in her routines and expectations and could barely handle anything being different. Since she’s now understanding things more, my mom and I have started decorating above her bed and her little bookshelf. I took the selfie above because I was sending my mom pictures of all the different flamingo decor Hobby Lobby sold so we could decide on the best one. (Elizabeth loves flamingos!) I decided not to get the flamingo head, but I do love it!

Fun story: we had a storm forecasted in our area yesterday afternoon, but I decided to risk shopping for wall decor anyway, lol. When I was leaving Hobby Lobby, I couldn’t believe how dARK the sky was behind the shopping center, so I took a selfie with it! Immediately after I safely loaded all of my purchases into the car, it started to rain. The timing was perfect; none of what I bought was ruined!

There were so many bags and wrapping to throw away once we got home. Despite this, I loved getting to unwrap everything and show my mom. I’m very happy to say that she loved it all!

Here’s how the couch looks now! (Filter-free, so you can see the actual colors.) I was stoked when I found out that you can design brown couches with gray accents, because I wasn’t loving the idea of making an earth tone-themed living room. (There would have been too much green and brown, haha) So, I was able to go shopping for gray pillows, off-white pillows, and a primarily tan canvas (which matches the three small mirrors on the opposite side of the room). It all goes together beautifully!

Room Decor Haul

Now, I couldn’t possibly have gone to two of my favorite stores without coming home with a few things for myself! I’ve been working on my closet recently, as well as trying out new candle scents in my room, so all of what I got is functional, appreciated, and will be put to great use.

This little guy from TJMaxx is a candle holder (I think … ), and I just adore the colors and his little face! I may be allergic to cats in real life (I couldn’t believe my allergy test results), but this cute decor won’t make me sneeze or give me a sinus infection. haha

I told my mom recently how much I adore the birthday candle scent, so I knew I had to buy this one when I saw it at TJMaxx! They have so many candles, which is both awesome and unfortunate – I smelled so many that I had a headache by the time I was checking out. I have great ideas.

This candle is from the same brand as another one I purchased recently from TJMaxx (called Storm), and I love this one as well! It has a fresh, citrus scent, although it is quite strong, so I’ll probably only have it lit in my room for a few minutes at a time before extinguishing the flame.

Now, on to what I got at Hobby Lobby! This isn’t room decor or a candle, but boy, are they cute! In spite of the fact that I don’t usually jump aboard on trends, I can’t help but enjoy all the emoji products that are out there. This one stood out to me, because I’ve been using that shocked face emoji in my texts a lot lately haha, so I could relate to it!

I’ve been going through a lot emotionally lately. I’m fine now, but I knew as soon as I saw this sign that I would benefit from being reminded of this verse every time I see it in my room. The wood is such a pretty color as well, and I love the font!

Last (but certainly not least!) is this adorable little birdcage. I saw on the 50%-off sign at Hobby Lobby that birdcages were on sale, so I looked through the store until I found the end cap they were on. My favorite movie happens to be The Birdcage (I’ve already watched it more times than I can count haha), so this cute decoration will always make me think of it!

That’s it for today’s post! Thank you so much for reading – I hope you enjoyed seeing my fun adventures. I am definitely an aspiring interior designer, since I get so much enjoyment out of decorating and appealing to the potential of any room I decorate.

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  1. Whenever my mum and I go shopping, we always smell all the candles – our garden centre especially, it has a huge range of Yankee candles! Also, such a cute cat candle holder (wow, alliteration!)

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