Thankful For Glasses + Getting My First Pair!

Thankful For Glasses + Getting My First Pair!

A few months ago, I started noticing a growing weakness in my left eye.

I’ve never had any issues with my vision before, so this kind of freaked me out, haha! You should have seen me – I kept switching my hands back and forth in front of my eyes, comparing how well I could read words at a distance. My right eye did fairly well, but my left? I found myself squinting too often. I have to work hard to make out words farther than a few feet away from me.

Even though I thought I’d never need glasses, I asked my mom to schedule an appointment for me to get my eyes checked a few weeks ago. She was able to get one for late January, so I went by myself to the eye doctor one morning.

It turns out that I need a prescription for my left eye, and a “very slight” (that’s how the optometrist said it lol) prescription for my right.

Yesterday, I was able to go pick up my very first pair of glasses. Joshua came with me as well, because he visited the eye doctor the same week I did and his prescription had changed. Yup, we both got new glasses on the same day!

I decided to call this post Thankful For Glasses because I’m realizing more and more how the little things in life are worth celebrating. I take so very much for granted – that is, until I don’t have those things anymore.

As a kid, I used to think that I was awesome for having 20/20 vision. I actually thought that people who wore glasses were WEAKER than me or something, which doesn’t make a bit of sense! The Lord gave me the vision that I have (which I can now see [did you catch that pun?] is slowly deteriorating, haha), and He also gave everyone who has glasses the vision they have. Wearing glasses is not a sign of weakness.

Who knew I’d need to learn that lesson?

Today, I’m thankful for glasses because they enable me to have insanely clear vision. They help me to relax and stop squinting so much, and they’re pretty darn stylish, too. (I’ll show you some pictures in a moment!) The Lord gave people the amazing knowledge and understanding to invent glasses in the first place, and through the health insurance that my country allows me to have, I didn’t have to pay anything for my first pair of glasses.

While I still have my sight, I’m going to be thankful for it. ❤


I am soooo happy with my glasses! ❤ I’ll admit, it’s weird to wear glasses, since I’ve only ever worn sunglasses, but I actually keep forgetting that I’m wearing them. That’s a pretty good sign that they’ll benefit me!

The moment I first tried them on, two thoughts ran through my head: This matches my style, and then, I’m not bold enough to wear these. These thoughts completely contradict each other, and I knew right then that I’d have to side with only one of them. I was either going to pick a pair of frames I felt “safe” wearing, or I was going to step out of my comfort zone and get the frames I knew fit ME.

I ended up doing the latter. Score!!!

When I first put on my prescription glasses yesterday morning, I knew I’d want to wear them all the time, and not just when I’m driving or reading. The clarity and depth these lenses give my vision is a huge blessing!

After picking up our awesome glasses, we got lunch and bought ourselves celebratory caramel frappuccinos. We enjoyed browsing Target for a while with our new enjoyment of seeing the world.

Thank you so much for reading! I enjoyed sharing this life update with you. ❤

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