Thankful For Glasses + Getting My First Pair!

A few months ago, I started noticing a growing weakness in my left eye.

I’ve never had any issues with my vision before, so this kind of freaked me out, haha! You should have seen me – I kept switching my hands back and forth in front of my eyes, comparing how well I could read words at a distance. My right eye did fairly well, but my left? I found myself squinting too often. I have to work hard to make out words farther than a few feet away from me.

Even though I thought I’d never need glasses, I asked my mom to schedule an appointment for me to get my eyes checked a few weeks ago. She was able to get one for late January, so I went by myself to the eye doctor one morning.

It turns out that I need a prescription for my left eye, and a “very slight” (that’s how the optometrist said it lol) prescription for my right.

Yesterday, I was able to go pick up my very first pair of glasses. Joshua came with me as well, because he visited the eye doctor the same week I did and his prescription had changed. Yup, we both got new glasses on the same day!

I decided to call this post Thankful For Glasses because I’m realizing more and more how the little things in life are worth celebrating. I take so very much for granted – that is, until I don’t have those things anymore.

As a kid, I used to think that I was awesome for having 20/20 vision. I actually thought that people who wore glasses were WEAKER than me or something, which doesn’t make a bit of sense! The Lord gave me the vision that I have (which I can now see [did you catch that pun?] is slowly deteriorating, haha), and He also gave everyone who has glasses the vision they have. Wearing glasses is not a sign of weakness.

Who knew I’d need to learn that lesson?

Today, I’m thankful for glasses because they enable me to have insanely clear vision. They help me to relax and stop squinting so much, and they’re pretty darn stylish, too. (I’ll show you some pictures in a moment!) The Lord gave people the amazing knowledge and understanding to invent glasses in the first place, and through the health insurance that my country allows me to have, I didn’t have to pay anything for my first pair of glasses.

While I still have my sight, I’m going to be thankful for it. ❤


I am soooo happy with my glasses! ❤ I’ll admit, it’s weird to wear glasses, since I’ve only ever worn sunglasses, but I actually keep forgetting that I’m wearing them. That’s a pretty good sign that they’ll benefit me!

The moment I first tried them on, two thoughts ran through my head: This matches my style, and then, I’m not bold enough to wear these. These thoughts completely contradict each other, and I knew right then that I’d have to side with only one of them. I was either going to pick a pair of frames I felt “safe” wearing, or I was going to step out of my comfort zone and get the frames I knew fit ME.

I ended up doing the latter. Score!!!

When I first put on my prescription glasses yesterday morning, I knew I’d want to wear them all the time, and not just when I’m driving or reading. The clarity and depth these lenses give my vision is a huge blessing!

After picking up our awesome glasses, we got lunch and bought ourselves celebratory caramel frappuccinos. We enjoyed browsing Target for a while with our new enjoyment of seeing the world.

Thank you so much for reading! I enjoyed sharing this life update with you. ❤

59 thoughts on “Thankful For Glasses + Getting My First Pair!”

  1. Your glasses are so cute! I wear contacts (but glasses before that) and my younger brother seriously believed that he was smarter and stronger than me because of his 20/20 vision…. it was actually pretty hilarious.

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  2. You look cute in those glasses!🖤 even I am having clear vision problems for quite a few months now, and I am doing exercise coz I DON’T WANNA WEAR GLASSES! I know they are cool, but I just don’t want them, I fear wearing them that’s why I haven’t had my eye checked,😛 I really hope exercise would help me…but gurl those glasses suit you! xxx

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    1. Thank you, Penny!! ❤ Aw I'm sorry to hear that. I really didn't want glasses at first either! But I want to make sure I keep my vision as healthy as possible, which is why I went ahead and got them. I hope things work out for you!

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  3. BWHEHEEHHE GLASSES! 20/20 vision is awesome, of course, but we glasses wearing folks don’t do that bad. XD They look so pretty on you! And I’m glad you can find something to be grateful about, almost all the time! 🙂

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    1. Aw thanks, Gracie! 💕 Same here 🙂 That’s awesome!
      Hey I was wondering, did you have the wisdom teeth surgery? I’ve been thinking about and praying for you 💜


  4. That’s cool getting them at the same time. Cute glasses, they look fab! And glasses definitely aren’t a sign of weakness, or anything really, lots of people wear them. I do, too. I was so embarrassed when I got my first pair a few years ago for using when on computers because it’s weird wearing them, you feel like they’re so obvious and you’re not confident enough to. You get used to it. And hey, it’s much better to be able to see and not have eye strain! 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Haha yeah, we enjoyed that! Thanks Caz ❤ I felt shy wearing mine at first, but my gosh, SO many people wear glasses, haha! I fit right in 😉 I'm slowly getting used to it, and I agree! Thanks for commenting, Caz ❤

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  5. Aaah Maggie you look beautiful!! I got glasses when I was in the 4th grade because I was on the screen too much and my eyes got used to it. I ditched it in grade 5,6 and 7 and then started wearing it again in grade 8. I used to think I was ugly with it and that I didn’t feel myself but honestly I don’t care anymore because I was put into a generation where glasses are actually a thing (well I guess if there were no electronics, their vision would have been better but anyways) and I should take advantage of that solution. Whenever I wear contacts, I regret the days I took my eyesight for granted but it’s okay and I hope I can work to improve other aspects of my health. Love this!

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    1. Thanks so much, Bay! ❤ Glasses go either one way or the other: you feel SUPER confident in them or you feel like you're hiding behind them. That's why finding the right frames for your face is very important!
      Having to get glasses has definitely taught me a lesson about eye health, lol. Hopefully I'll continue to care for my eyes and not make my vision worse! xD
      Thanks for commenting!

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  6. Your glasses are super cute Maggie & they suit you so much girly! 💞 They are so stylish and thank you for sharing your experience with getting your new glasses – I think it’ll inspire many people to get their vision checked too! 🌟 Great post as always, Autumn x

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  7. Maggie, your glasses really suit you! I love them 💛 And I’m looking the clothes you’re wearing, sorry, I love looking at people’s different styles! 😊 It’s so true what you’re saying, and I’m so jealous of you, getting a Starbucks, I live on an island and I’ve had Starbucks once in my life 😂😖 Really depressing and sad.
    Lovely post, you must be so proud of yourself getting out of the comfort zone, you literally did what I said on my Quirky Ramblings post, you got out of your comfort zone, so proud of you gurl! 💛💗
    Amber x

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    1. Thank you so much, Amber! ❤ No worries, haha, and thanks! Starbucks is so good. Hopefully you can have it again soon!
      I'm definitely happy that I went out of my comfort zone! It was hard at first, but it has been so rewarding ❤ That's awesome!

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      1. No worries, Maggie! I’m loving your profile pic btw, it looks great! 😊 Dang, I could kill for a caramel frappe right now, if only I didn’t live in the middle of no-where 😂
        Yass girl! You should be so proud of myself, I need to get out of my comfort zone aswell, it’s just a little scary 😆🙄 Well done Maggie! 💛✨

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      2. Aww thank you!! ❤ I kinda wish I didn't live so close to so many caramel frappes – I'm trying to cut back on sugar, but I see my favorite sugary drinks EVERYWHERE! xD
        It is a bit scary. I'm learning how to take it a step at a time! ❤

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      3. Don’t worry Maggie, I’m totally the same! It’s so hard to avoid sugar, it’s literally EVERYWHERE. I’m kind of reducing my sugar aswell, and, it’s going okay *look guilty down as eats a biscuit* okay that was a total lie. I’m a sugar addict 😂
        Yass gurl! You go!!
        ps. You don’t have to reply to this comment, I keep on commenting back xD

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  8. Hii Maggie!! ❤ That's good you have glasses cause it's very important to see well, sense of sight is necessary. Your frames look really cool – they're so fine and match any clothes 😀 And you look so cute! I've been short-sighted for about five years and I remember my first days with glasses. It was quite strange to wear them, it was something new for my body, I hated that feeling to have something on my nose, hahah! Then I got used to that and I didn't really care. Since September I've been wearing contact lenses and I love them! It's a great alternative for glasses, they're much more comfortable 😉 Anyways, both of those inventions – glasses and contacts – were so amazing! They've helped millions or billions people and we have to be grateful for that. Now I can't imagine my life without any of these two things 🙂 I love the photo of your frappucionos (btw they're so tasty!) haha ❤

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    1. Hey Ann! It’s lovely to hear from you ❤ Aw thank you so much! 🙂 It has definitely been weird to wear glasses, haha, but I'm so grateful for them! Glad you're enjoying your contact lenses (:
      Thanks for reading! I love frappuccinos, haha ❤

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  9. Awesome message! I wear glasses too, but now I wear contacts. (Not sure if you saw those posts) I love both equally, but contacts come in handy when playing sports. You look great with glasses!

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    1. Thanks so much, Kendra! ❤ Haha, I wanted glasses when I was a kid because my little brother got them and I thought they looked cool. I didn't think I'd ever actually need them, haha! Definitely be thankful for strong vision, it's not something to take for granted ❤ Thanks for commenting!

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