Coffee Chat | A Change Of Heart

Coffee Chat | A Change Of Heart

I’m inviting you to grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while – I’d love to have a coffee chat with you! In this post, I’ll tell you about my past few weeks, and you can let me know in the comments below what life’s been like for you lately.

feel free to grab whichever one you’d like. they all look appealing to me right now haha

Starting a couple weeks ago, I began looking into getting work. I applied at a few places, went to one interview, did a lot of thinking and praying, and sorted through how getting my first job would affect my life and make me feel. I really, really thought at the beginning of this job-hunting journey in January that it would be a wonderful situation, that the timing would be right, and that I would be ready for this.

What ended up happening, however, really challenged me to view my life differently.

Looking into potentially acquiring my first job really put me in a kind of spotlight I haven’t experienced before. I had to be professional and prepared in a way that other situations haven’t required me to do in the past. I questioned my abilities and my strengths, but I also ended up singling in on my weaknesses. I began feeling unqualified for what I was trying to do, and feelings of hopelessness began to creep into my subconscious thoughts.

The biggest thing I noticed, however, was this: I was trying to work out something in my life that the Lord didn’t have ready for me.

In my relationship with the Lord, there have been countless times where I’ve desperately desired something to the point where I’ve tried to pursue it with His blessing. That’s not how following Him works, and I’ve ended up learning it the hard way.

The Lord knew all along that to get me to have the mindset He wanted me to have, I’d have to go through valleys, lowlands, and many pits before I was willing to truly say, Not my will, but Yours be done.

I have been following the Lord for seven years. Since I was eleven years old, I have been deeply in love with my Heavenly Father, and that has slowly been changing the way I look at my life and this world.

Things that used to haunt me are now temporary aspects of my personality that He’s enabling me to overcome. The things I used to “need” more than Him are now things I no longer desire. For years, He’s been tenderly teaching me that He is trustworthy. He has beautiful plans for me. I do not need to go through this life anxious or afraid.

Trying to find a job without first knowing, through prayer, that it was His will ended up stressing me out beyond measure. I was attempting to do the next, logical step for my life in my own strength instead of having faith and relying on His strength.

Yesterday morning, for the first time ever, I truly felt like I could tell Him that what He has for me means much more to me than anything this world has to offer.

Starting now, there will be a difference in how I post. I want everything I share on this blog to be a blessing to me and an encouragement to others. I want to be intentional in the way I live, so that everything I do, say, think, and feel would be filtered through the Lord’s love.

What have you learned in January?

30 thoughts on “Coffee Chat | A Change Of Heart

  1. 🙂 I tried applying (still am) for a job too! But just like you, it turns out God has other plans, but they’re waaay better than anything I coulda came up with. Also, this? “I want to be intentional in the way I live, so that everything I do, say, think, and feel would be filtered through the Lord’s love.”

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  2. I’m in a similar situation with the job thing! I started volunteering at my local charity shop and that meant having to learn how a till works! At first I just doubted myself so much because there’s a customer right in front of you and they’re just trying to quickly buy what they want and you feel like such a hindrance! But practice makes perfect and I’m kinda starting to get the hang of it – hope everything gets better! 💕

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    1. Practice definitely makes perfect! I haven’t worked at a cash register before, but I can imagine that even with basic mathematical knowledge, it would get scary being on the spot with impatient customers. Thanks El! I hope you enjoy volunteering ❤

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  3. Your first job is such a huge life step! I think when I started my first job I just needed a paycheck and never anticipated how it would impact my life and career path. Oh, but it has! Though it wasn’t a field I could foresee pursuing in the beginning, I ended up with a degree in it several years later. This is a great area to entrust to God, especially considering how much of our lives are spent on work. I pray He guides you in this big decision!

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  4. As you probably remember, I have had my trials with applying for jobs the past few months. It’s hard being turned down over and over again, but I need to keep reminding myself it is all a part of God’s wonderful plan. ❤

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  5. I’m going to admit, I’m an atheist, so obviously I don’t share the same view about God but I do understand what you’re saying 😊 First job, huh? That’s a pretty big step in your life, I am sure you will find something that you love and look foreword to going to every day, it seems exciting job-hunting when your younger, but I can imagine it’s daunting and embarrassing, and can make you feel stupid, un-professional and out of your depth!
    Great post Maggie! I would have the coffee that has like whit hearts in it (yummy, coffee is a life-saver when you wake up early 😅😋)
    Great post Maggie 💛
    Amber x

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    1. I completely respect that. Thank you for being honest 🙂 I think so, too! I’ll just have to keep looking. Definitely! It gets discouraging quickly, but I’ll hold out for the right job for me.
      Thank you! And ooh yes, that one looks great haha

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      1. No worries, Maggie! Thank you for respecting my choice, sometimes I can feel un-comfortable saying it as some people would see it as wrong, but I knew you wouldn’t judge me ✨ I’m sure you will! You’ll eventually find something that you love 💗
        It really does, I think my mouth is watering… 😂

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  6. This is such a beautiful and amazing message, Maggie! Lately, I have been thinking about getting a part time job (once or twice a week) to make a little extra money when I am not at the studio or college. However, I am beginning to worry that it might overwhelm me with my busy schedule. I need to just trust the Lord and listen to His plan for me. Thanks for this post!

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  7. I am seriously seeking Yahweh’s will in my life right now. Should I serve at Chick-fil-A again this year? Does He truly want me to take the opportunity of volunteering at the local pregnancy resource center? After all that happened last year, how is Yahweh going to use that in my future? Will my family be making big changes this year…will we move? What am I to do?
    The only thing that I’m sure of right now is that I have a blessed blog. I am trusting Yahweh. Things always seem to happen in the Spring so…

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