Mindful Living Challenge – Maintaining Good Posture {Week Four}

Mindful Living Challenge – Maintaining Good Posture {Week Four}

“Posture has such a big impact on the way people perceive you.” – Mary Helen Bowers

Did you straighten your back when you read the title? (I know I did!)

My dad’s been reminding me to stand up straight since I was a little girl. I’d listen for a moment, straightening my back and lifting my head for a few seconds, but before I knew it, I was back to having awful posture.

Different minor injuries and discomfort over the years have encouraged me to have good posture. However, without those painful factors literally forcing me to sit or stand like I’m wearing a corset, I end up resorting to my usual slouched way of sitting, walking, and living.

It is so very easy in the age of electronics to slouch over our little mobile devices. It’s crazy to me how comfortable and normal that position seems – until you try to come out of it. It’s like every part of your body that’s involved (neck, shoulders, back) are suddenly screaming at you, when just a moment ago, they seemed fine in that frozen, slouched position!

I really don’t understand it. But, there will always be some things we just do not know.

Silliness aside, I wanted to make the topic of good posture part of this mindful challenge, because it is so very important to me. I’ve struggled with maintaining good posture for years, and I know there at least a few people (if not everyone who reads this) who will be able to relate. Back/neck/shoulder pain is absolutely no fun! And the simple action of mentally encouraging ourselves to stand a little taller, lifting our heads a littler higher, will take us places – I know it will.

I’m thinking about setting a few alarms on my phone to go off at certain times throughout each day that remind me to keep my head high. Just like I increasingly got better at drinking the right amount of water by using an app on my phone to keep track (you can go read my other tips on that subject here!), standing up straight takes reminding ourselves – a lot. That seems simple enough, right?

(Now, if only I could convince my back that it’s a good idea … why does it get so tired when I sit/stand correctly??)

Why I Want To Maintain Good Posture:

  • It will slowly get easier for me over time.
  • I’ll come across as more alert and mindful.
  • It hurts when I continually slouch!
  • Good posture feels better in the long run.
  • I’ll be caring for my body in a very small way.
  • I’ll be more thoughtful about how I look to others.
  • It helps me remember to stretch my neck and shoulders.

Why do you want to maintain good posture?
Will you join me on this challenge?

“Good posture is the one most important thing anybody can do now to look better.” – Helen Gurley Brown

23 thoughts on “Mindful Living Challenge – Maintaining Good Posture {Week Four}

  1. Gosh, I definitely have this problem. I do online schooling so I sit at my computer for at least 6-7 hours per day, then I do blogging so that’s an extra few.

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  2. Ooo this is a good one! I often slouch and my dad was forever telling me to ‘straight up, shoulders back’ when I was younger. My mum actually has quite bad posture but she doesn’t slouch, she basically juts her hips further forward and her bum out, which over years has actually curved her spine a little! Being more aware & mindful of posture is a really good habit to get into! xx

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  3. Ok, I’m so doing this. I really need to do this – my mum is always telling me to have nicer posture – even threatened to send me to ballet classes – even though I really don’t want to. I personally don’t hink it’s super bad, but she obviously does. xx

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    1. Ballet takes a very specific personality/person to do it and the people who stay in ballet past 16-ish are super passionate about it 😂 Just saying. And as a ballerina, I seriously need to work on my posture too 😂Nobody’s perfect, and in this day in age we all have terrible posture looking at screens and such. I only have good posture in the 20-ish hours I spend each week at the studio…..Here’s to some better posture!

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  4. I slouch alot, and when I was younger, the Physcial Therapist told me that I was very close to ending up with scolosis (between that and being severely double jointed),and gave me a series of mindful excersises, and we even tried Athletes tape to keep my posture. I really found myself enjoying it, because I appeared more confident, and people seemed to respect that more.

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  5. So important! I’m usually very good about this cause I’m always standing up at my job, but my shoulders hurt a lot from the way I have to position my neck & arms while working. I see a trip to the chiropractor in my February plans haha

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  6. i definitely sat up when i read that! My friend and i tried it last year and we constantly had to remind one another, however i am done studying now so there is no one to remind me, maybe i will try the clock bit. Good luck and thank you for the reminder 🙂

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  7. ACKK this is something I’m terrible at, and judging from the other comments, that other people are terrible at too xP It’s so natural to just slumppp -_- Especially when you’re on a couch or on a chair without a back (darn kitchen bar stools) Ughhhh anywho I hope I can get it all together and sit/stand straight for my own good (and so that other ppl don’t have to see me walking around like an old man xD). Thanks for the reminder Maggie 😀

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  8. hahahahaha postuRE WHO?? I’ve been doing a lot of work and reading sitting on my bed this past week and uh, breaking news, SITTING ON YOUR BED IS REALLY BAD FOR YOUR BACK because it’s soft and doesn’t give you back support ><

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  9. Your post was a good reminder. I am 6’3″ and often people my height slouch. I have been told many times by fellow tall women, that they like my posture. I take “standing tall” to a new level. 🙂

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