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50 Questions To Get To Know Yourself {Part Two}

Here’s part two of this post! I’ll be answering the second set of 25 questions to learn more about myself, as well as share better insight into who I am. ❤ Click here to read the article that provided these questions.

50 Questions To
Get To Know Yourself
{Part Two}

26. What inspires you the most?

When I’m reading the Bible and a verse stands out to me.

27. What do you think people misunderstand about you?

When I don’t participate in conversations. I’ll often do more listening than I do actively adding to what’s being talked about, and it’s usually because there’s not enough break in the conversation for me to contribute my thoughts. I’m not usually confident enough to say to whomever is present, “Hey, I’d like a turn talking now.” But really, that’s what I’d have to do if I want to be heard. So, people don’t understand my silence.

28. List your top three accomplishments.

I honestly have no idea what to answer this question with right now. Call me back later, haha

29. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Well, I used to love watching my sweet guinea pig, Oreo, run around the living room when she had time out of her cage. It was so much fun to watch. (Just as long as we didn’t lose her under the couch…)

I loved that girl!

30. What were the most recent moments in your life when you felt truly happy?

*tilts head and squints eyes a bit* Why are these questions stumping me right now? Alright, let’s see – when this post got a good response (thanks, guys!), and enjoying reading different books.

31. What lesson have you learned in life that is the most valuable?

The Lord gives us enough strength to face each day, and it’s up to us to trust Him with our future. ❤

32. Has there been a time where you felt inadequate in any situation? What did you do?

Like I mentioned, allowing people to talk over me. Being too polite has cost me instances when I could have engaged in past conversations, and I really regret that.

33. What is one obstacle that you have overcome and are extremely proud of?

Being absolutely terrified of all things medical. I still don’t like them (like, um, at all haha), but realizing how very necessary procedures are (and how blessed I am that they even exist!) has gotten me through what would have been impossible situations. I’ve been able to have different minor surgeries (and my first major surgery) without going berserk.

34. What advice would you give your younger self?

The Lord has you in His hands. Yeah, it may not seem like it at times – in fact, a lot of times, it really won’t – but He’s got you. I promise. Just because you’re not getting exactly what you want right now doesn’t mean that He doesn’t have absolutely beautiful plans for you!

35. If you could go back and do something differently in your life, what would it be?

Trusted in the Lord more. Then, whatever came my way wouldn’t have hurt so much.

36. What is something that you do now, that you never thought you would?

Have a blog with more than ten followers. True story. #AnythingIsPossible

37. What was one of the happiest moments in your life?

Meeting my baby sister, Elizabeth! I’d been wanting a sister for years.

38. What have you learned about yourself in the past few years?

Just how strong I am. Well, when I rely on the Lord’s strength, that is – He’s helped me through DOZENS of things these past few years, probably more than I realize. So, check that – how strong I am in the Lord.

39. What do you want to achieve by this time next year?

Eh, all the little goals I’m working toward right now. I’d also love to have more confidence in conversations! (That’s an ongoing theme in this post, I think…)

40. What do you want to achieve in five years?

Well uh, I really don’t know what I’ll even be doing in a year … ? The only thing I can think of right now (mind you, it’s feeble) is fluency in ASL. That would be fantastic.

41. What is holding you back from your future accomplishments?

Money?? lol nah, I’m putting all my time, energy, and focus into being the daughter and big sister my family needs. So, nothing, really – I’m just trusting in the Lord’s timing to lead me.

42. What do you think your purpose is in life?

To love the Lord and fulfill HIS purposes for me. ❤

43. How would you fulfill that purpose?


44. List three things you want to accomplish this year.

I’m keeping my resolutions/goals/aspirations for 2019 private.

45. What steps are you taking to achieve your goals right now?

Complete secrecy. *slow nod*

46. Are your habits helping or hindering you from reaching your goals?

Helping! The mindful living challenge alone has helped me immensely.

47. What legacy do you want to leave on the world?

When people think of me, I want them to remember enjoying my presence, how I could make anything funny. When people look at my life as a whole, I’d love for them to be inspired by my love and affection for people.

48. What do you expect from yourself?

Too much.

49. What area in your life needs improvement?

All of it. Haha, sarcasm aside, how I look at myself.

50. What steps are you taking to make those improvements?

Complete secrecy. *double take* Wait, I think I already used that line…

Oh, boy. Fifty deep questions over the course of a week!! I really enjoyed answering them, though ❤

Feel free to answer any of the questions you saw above in the comments below!

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Hehe thanks!
I’d love to be fluent as well, but ugh yes 🙄😂 I would have totally taken ASL in high school instead of Spanish. It is very much an official language, even if it’s not spoken. I hope that change that someday 😩

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