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Blog Coaching Session {January 2019}

Early last summer, I tried out blog coaching for the first time.

I was very happy with how it went, and in the months since then, I’ve thought about doing it at some point again. When thinking of what I should post this weekend, this is what came to mind!

When I did this last May (see here), I asked for your questions, then the following week, answered all of them in a round-up post. However, this time I’m going to respond to the comments directly, so you can receive my advice faster.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask me about my blog or just blogging in general, I’d be so happy if you would ask any questions you have in the comments below! Anything goes, whether you want to learn more about the basics of blogging, template design, post formatting, etc.

Also: If you see that someone has already asked exactly what you were going to comment, click the ‘like’ button on other bloggers’ questions that you’d like to read the answer to! This will make it easier for me to respond to comments if we can minimize similar questions 🙂

I’ll be responding to comments all day, and I’ll leave the comment section open for the next couple of days, as well.

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to offering my advice.

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I’ve recently started doing what I call ‘blog hopping,’ and I’ve already met so many new bloggers! How it works is you visit a blog you already follow and check out the comments of their posts and/or their blog button page. This is a fantastic and effective way to find other bloggers who are active in the community! 💖

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This is a good idea of brining it back! Okay, my questions:
#1) How do you gain more followers? I’m trying to post more, but it feels like no one is following me anymore.
#2) How often do you think a blogger should refresh their blog design?
Again, this is a super cool idea and I’m glad you’re doing it again! 😀

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Thanks Ara! 💜
I gain more followers in two main ways: by interacting with new bloggers consistently, and by titling my posts effectively. I get a lot of new followers because they find my posts (especially my health and fitness ones!) in the Reader and through search engines. Good titles are insanely important! 👌🏼
Blog design should do two important things: make the owner of the blog happy, and make it easy for followers and readers to navigate the content. Making your Contact page, past posts, etc. easy to locate is important!
Hope this helps! 💓

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There are a lot of free photo editing apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. My favorites would have to be Rookie Cam and Superimpose!
For my blog button, I took a light green background and put a circle border on it so it would resemble a badge. Then, I merged the picture of the bird with it and added my blog name.
There are endless possibilities with creating a blog button, but that’s how I made mine! 💕

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Oh okay! I can explain that, as well 🙂 If you have your blog button available on your blog (in the sidebar, footer, or on a blog buttons page), then people can save it to their computer and upload it as a picture on their blog. All they have to do so that it links back to you is add a ‘Custom Link’ to the photo and enter your blog address!

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Interacting with other bloggers is always my biggest tip! But when that’s challenging to do (as it often is), you can also participate in link parties (like blog parties and such), and there are also Facebook groups bloggers are part of. I’ve heard good things about them, but I haven’t done it myself!


This is such a great idea! And I’m sure many people will find it very helpful! I don’t have any particular questions, but I’m excited to read what everybody else asks and your answers, as I’m sure I’ll learn a lot too! 😊

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I know a fellow blogger who is frustrated that she has only a couple followers and though she comments on other blogs, her comments disappear and she can not get into the blogging world. I wish I could help her. I do admit that she is bad at spelling. But it’s a shame to see a fellow blogger having problems.

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Aww I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve had comments I posted on someone else’s blog disappear, which usually means it goes to the spam folder. 😕 Sometimes that can’t be helped. Make sure this blogger isn’t including any links in the comments they post (that usually makes comments go right to spam!), and that she’s not promoting herself too much. Both of those things can automatically trash comments, believe it or not.
I hope this problem is fixed for them soon!


If you go to someone’s blog post (on their blog, not from the Reader), to the left of the ‘Like’ button, you’ll see a Reblog button! Some bloggers disable this feature, but most don’t. If it is available on a post you want to reblog, just click it, add an excerpt if you’d like on why you enjoyed the post, then hit ‘Reblog.’ ❤️