My Outreach Ministry

“God will not give you a talent and then fail to give you opportunities for discovering, using, developing, practicing, and perfecting it.” – Dr. Charles Stanley

I’ve been wondering, for quite a while, how the Lord would use what He’s given me to glorify Him.

My relationship with Him began about seven years ago, although it honestly feels like I’ve always been walking with Him. I can’t remember much before I accepted Jesus as my Savior, and in the years after that important decision, I can look back and see His hand at work in every season of my life.

I couldn’t always acknowledge or see it at the time, but He has been present in both my highest moments and my lowest points.

I fully believe that He has given all of us special talents and abilities in an earthly sense, and He also blesses His children with spiritual gifts. What we’re able to do that most others can’t is absolutely a gift, whether that’s cooking masterfully, creating gorgeous paintings, understanding scientific calculations, and so on and so forth. When I tell a good joke and get everyone in the room laughing, or someone is blown away by how well I keep my living space organized, I’m never able to just pat myself on the back and take all the credit.

Outwardly, I accept the compliments and grin, appreciating the recognition, but inside? I’m giving the Lord all the praise.

Of course, there is the thing of fully utilizing what I’ve been given – that’s a choice, and I can be thankful that I’m living up to my full potential. But it’s also about being faithful with what He’s given me, and I have these talents, gifts, and special abilities so that I can impact the lives of others for His glory.

One of the biggest ways I’ve seen Him work through what He’s given me has been just in these past few weeks.

The Lord placed on my heart the desire to start something new – a project that would utilize my ability to be creative, stay organized, and inspire others, which is the perfect thing for me to be passionate about!

I began an outreach ministry at the little church I’m currently part of that has already encouraged so many people.

I have started creating little gift bags, which are full of encouragement and kind words. I encourage others to take one if they’re going through a rough season in their lives and could use a bit of love and inspiration. These bags also make great gifts – my pastor had suggested bringing them to people staying in the hospital, which I thought was a beautiful idea.

The featured image of this post showcases where I’ve organized all of the ministry supplies. It’s so pretty and girly!

What started as the desire to inspire others has turned into a full-on ministry, where I get to use three gifts and talents the Lord has given me! I had no idea this passion could grow so quickly – everyone I’ve talked to about it has been deeply encouraged by what I’m doing, which just confirms to me that the Lord’s hand is upon it.

The quote I shared at the beginning of this post made my heart absolutely sing.

For so long, I’ve believed, in the back of my mind, that if I wanted to accomplish things for the Lord, I’d have to find a way for all of it to work out. However, I’m now learning that bringing Him glory is by being faithful with what He’s given me – He will do the rest!

I have not had to put a fraction as much work into this ministry as I would have thought I’d have to. What started as making ten gift bags to bring to church became a project financially funded by others and blessed by the people who are dearest to my heart. I am still in awe as I watch all of the little details effortlessly work out.

This is most definitely something that the Lord is doing. I may have had the initial “idea,” and I may be doing most of the work involved behind-the-scenes, but He’s the One Who gave me the idea – I’m simply the one He used to present it and bring it to life.

Being entrusted something as beautiful and life-changing as this ministry has already blessed me tenfold. I absolutely believe that when you set out to bless and encourage others, you are blessed and encouraged in return.

What I’ve shared above is certainly not why I’m doing this ministry, but I still think it’s beautiful how helping others has been a blessing right back.

If you’re inspired by this ministry idea, please feel free to make it your own! I’m praying that this gift bag project won’t just stay in one church, but rather that it will grow into something that can bless a great many people.

Feel free to email me – I’d be happy to share how exactly I’m coordinating all of this, and we could figure out how you can start something similar!

Have a blessed day!

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” – Matthew 5:14

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This is incredible! We’ve already agreed (we being my sisters and I plus my boyfriend) that next Christmas we’re all gonna chip in to either donate to a charity or volunteer somewhere around the holiday season. I’m looking forward to it!

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