My Testimony (Updated For 2018)

My Testimony (Updated For 2018)

Hi there ❀ I hope you’re having a beautiful day! πŸ™‚ One of the first posts that I ever shared on this blog was my testimony, which was back in January of 2017. I called it ‘My Story,’ and I encouraged others to share their testimonies in the comment section, as well. It’s been a long while since I read that post, and for the sake of fully remembering my testimony and not just being reminded of it, I’ve decided to forfeit reading it again before writing this post.

Recently, while I was thinking about my walk with the Lord, I realized that the perception I have of my relationship with Him has changed over the years. The story itself hasn’t, but my understanding of how He was working in my life at those times has! That’s why updating my testimony, sharing deeper insight, and adding to it (i.e. where I am in my walk with Him now) is something important I know I want to do.

I could easily expand this post to be hugely the story of my life from a spiritual perspective, but for the sake of attention spans (including my own, lol) and the time we’re given to blog-read, I’ll make this enjoyable and informative without becoming overwhelming. Let’s just see how it goes. (Update: it ended up being longer than I thought lol)

I hope you enjoy!

My Testimony
(Updated For 2018)

I grew up in a Christian home. Exposure to spiritual beliefs begins in our closest circles, and mine was my parents specifically. They’d share Bible stories with me, pray in front of and for me, and when it was applicable, they’d tell me about their relationship with the Lord.

As a young child, I saw religion as something other people participate in, but not something I could apply to my own life. Even as a six and seven year old, I skeptically saw the Lord as a force to be manipulated and even controlled because I did not see or believe in Him as a higher Being worthy of respect.

I did not yet understand or accept His love for all people, and I didn’t see the Bible as being God-breathed and the absolute truth that it is. I was and still am an extremely analytical person who does not, in any respects, accept new information without reliable sources. Growing up, I knew there was a God, but I was agnostic in that I felt He couldn’t be personally known – at least in my life.

I memorized Bible verses because I thought that would make me a good (or better) person. I listened to Bible stories because I figured they were historical fact, but I didn’t fully believe in the truth of them. I saw the Lord as being Someone that other people knew.

That all changed the day I started listening to Christian music.

Now, I saw ‘started listening’ to reference the time when I really began hearing the lyrics. I grew up in a home where we listened to gospel music, sung children’s Bible songs, etc., but I hadn’t yet really allowed the lyrics to sink deeply into my heart. I let it bounce off my inner conscience as what others were doing and believing in.

I remember where I was that cold day in January of 2012 … because the Lord was opening up my heart to Him through music.

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have this thing for music. I can’t play any instruments myself, but I get much more than I can express out of jamming out to fun songs, listening to encouraging ones, and experiencing what the singers are going through in sad ones. I appreciate and live out each creative note, where some songs mean a lot to me and others are just fun to dance to.

When I really began listening to Christian songs, the Lord used that to help me see one very important thing:

He is able to be known personally
by all people who come to Him.

Before that, I had no idea that a love like His existed. I thought that it was either out of my reach or out of the scope of possibilities. My cynical nature was, for the very first time, severely dented in my sudden desire to know and follow the Lord. I not only knew of His love for everyone, but I had knowledge of the specific love that He showers on each and every individual.

His love is not an all-encompassing love that is impersonally divided among the body of believers – on the contrary, it is manifested in a deeply personal relationship between the Lord and each of His children.

In the nearly seven years that have followed since the day I began following Him, learning to control my carnal mind has been a constant work-in-progress. I’m sure it will be until the day I die, but I can’t tell you how much it blesses me to look back and see just how far the Lord has brought me. My mind is not the way it once was – doubting every spiritual thing and figuring the worst in many situations. I am an absolutely changed person.

Without His love in my life, I’m certain that I would be one of the most pessimistic, sarcastic people you’d ever meet. You’d be showered with unkind, truthfully harsh remarks; I’d be closed off from having deep conversations with you; I’d happily beat you at every game we play and be an over-achiever in every area of life … in short, my life would have taken a COMPLETELY different path than the one the Lord has planned out for me.

I cannot take credit for the way I am today.

I love people the way I do because of
the Lord’s love for me
– for all of us!
I am purpose-driven because
the Lord has given my life that purpose
in the unveiling of His plans for me.
I am absolutely fascinated by the world around me
because He created this earth,
and history is full of the proof of His existence.
I do my best to always look for the best in situations
because I know that the Lord is good.

Wow. ❀ If you’ve made it this far, I’d like to say a big thank you for reading! I’m really happy with how this post turned out, because it has done a wonderful job of expressing the beginning of my walk with the Lord. πŸ™‚ I’d love to write another post soon on the stages I’ve gone through in this relationship, so be on the lookout for that!

Have a fantastic day!

23 thoughts on “My Testimony (Updated For 2018)

  1. Christian music can be so powerful when we let it impact us like that! Thank you for sharing your testimony, Maggie. By the way, who is your favorite Christian music artist(s)?

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  2. We actually have similar testimonies! I found God through worship music too after spending all this time be ing agnostic and thinking that I could be saved through my own good deeds. Now I know that I am saved through nothing I’ve done but everything that Jesus has done for me ❀ thanks for sharing this with us xx

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