Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ❤ Since I first started my blog two winters ago, I have been periodically sharing short stories – you may have seen a few of them! Browsing free stock photo websites to find images for my posts has not only made my blog visually-pleasing, but it has also inspired the writer in me, as well ❤

I decided to share a post about the process of writing these stories because I’ve yet to talk about the process – I’ve just shared the finished products! All six posts contain the short stories and nothing more, so I haven’t discussed the making of them at all. That’s what I’m doing today!

I have a few reasons for wanting to talk about them. First of all, I think it’s awesome that they all feature the same couple! The man and woman that star in all six are the same, which I didn’t plan to do.

Another thing is that I love how the stories allow so much room for the reader to create backstories. I give just enough description and dialogue to strengthen the scene, but the rest of the details are left out, allowing readers to add their own twist. Of course, I can see everything that’s happening in my head, since I’m the writer, so I’m just describing what I see!

Below, I have shared the behind the scenes for each story with four aspects: where I found the pictures, why I named the stories what I did and why, where each story is set in the lives of the characters, and finally, my thoughts while writing the stories. I hope you enjoy!

A Tea Cup Forgotten

How I Found The Picture: I was browsing different photos on Pixabay, and as soon as I saw this one, I knew there was an awesome story behind it!

What I Named The Story / Why: It represents the woman who made the cup of tea becoming distracted by something, which is why leaves fell into the cup before she could drink it.

Series Placement: #4 – This is their engagement story (:

Thoughts While Writing It: I could just see this being the end of a beautiful movie. It contains no dialogue, which means it would go perfectly with instrumental piano music, or maybe a love song. This was the first time I wrote about the characters, which is funny because that means that everything I’ve written about them since then is a prequel! Another thing I should mention is that this story was written in first-person, as was the second, then the next four are in third-person … I had forgotten about that.


How I Found The Picture: Looking for more photos to use in posts! This one inspired me to write a story instead of a blog post, though. haha

What I Named The Story / Why: It represents what happens in the story, as well as one of the first things the man says.

Series Placement: #5 – they’ve bought their first house and are hanging out at the pond in their backyard!

Thoughts While Writing It: I honestly feel like I’m there in this story. The characters were so real to me while writing this, and from the moment I created them, I loved their personalities, idiosyncrasies, and behaviors. I did my best to let the little things about them shine through. The action in Jump flows so easily, which definitely made it fun to write! (Although that’s true for all of them.)


How I Found The Picture: When looking for fall / autumn pictures on Pexels!

What I Named The Story / Why: The end of the story is the man returning to his family and his home, and this story has a huge homey feel, as well.

Series Placement: #6 – The man and woman have a young daughter now, and he has just returned home after being away for months in the military.

Thoughts While Writing It: This story choked. me. up. I respond emotionally to any story of military families reuniting, both real and fictional, where I instantly start crying – it’s unlike anything else. When beginning this short story, Home was not intended to end with the man coming home for a short time to be with his family, but that’s how stories work sometimes – they surprise the writer, as well as the reader!

Doors Away

How I Found The Picture: Looking up stock photos for ‘doors’ while working on a post series (which I didn’t end up posting, but I did share this!).

What I Named The Story / Why: It directly relates to the picture, which is a central theme in the story, as well.

Series Placement: #1 – this is when they meet! ❤

Thoughts While Writing It: The woman really took shape in my mind at this point. I found that her appearance changed ever so slightly in each story, which is pretty cool and realistic because that’s what happens with real people, haha! In Doors Away, you learn about her height and what she enjoyed wearing at that time in her life – fun dresses. The fun-loving personalities of both characters shines through in this story, as well.


How I Found The Picture: Looking up pictures for a short story – I hadn’t written one in a long time, and I was in the mood!

What I Named The Story / Why: It’s the last thing the man says, and it also represents the fact that this is their first official date!

Series Placement: #2 – they still live next door to each other, and they decided to go somewhere together for the first time.

Thoughts While Writing It: This is exactly the kind of story I love reading – which is why I wrote it! I love how the man and woman joke around in this one. Oh, and something else about this story is that when the woman says ‘eh bien,’ which basically means ‘well’ or ‘oh well’ in French (it’s kind of hard to translate!), I wasn’t trying to make her character a foreigner – but that’s what happened! I use that same phrase in my daily life because Hercule Poirot (from the TV series) said it, and he’s one of my all-time favorite characters. It came naturally to me to use that in this story’s dialogue, which ended up further forming the woman’s character. Story writing is pretty cool!

I Love You

How I Found The Picture: When looking for fall / autumn photos on Unsplash, since I’m going to be posting every day of this month!

What I Named The Story / Why: It’s the last thing the woman says (although I translated it into English!), and it also sums up the mood of the story: their love for each other.

Series Placement: #3 – they’re out on a hiking date in mid- to late fall.

Thoughts While Writing It: The meaning of this story deepened immensely by the end! What started as a the woman enjoying nature turned into the revealing of the man’s decision, which quickly strengthened their relationship. As a girl who loves learning languages myself, his speculation that much gets lost in translation rang true for me. It is so difficult to accurately translate many words from one language to another one! The last thing I wanted to share about I Love You is the fact that in the first draft, the woman falls into the water. In the second and final draft, the man catches her. Haha! Both made great stories, but the finished story had a much better flow to it. 🙂

Oh my gosh – this post was extremely fun to write! You have no idea how much I enjoyed going back and thinking about how writing each of the six of these stories went, because every one was an awesome experience for me. The last one especially was a joy to write, and it ended up being the longest one, as well, equaling exactly five hundred words!

I am hoping and praying that this couple I adore so much will eventually star in a full-length novel – instead of them being in different scenes, they’ll have their own book. I’m really praying that this happens! Hopefully one day ❤ but at the moment, they just keep coming to me one scene at a time.

One more thing I want to mention – did anyone else notice that the order in which I wrote each story ended up being 4, 5, 6, then 1, 2, 3?? That’s exactly the order that the Star Wars movies were made! xD I’m the next George Lucas! Alright, probably not …

Make sure you don’t forget to read their newest story, ‘I Love You,’ which I published a few days ago!

I hope you have a beautiful day! ❤ Let me know in the comments below:

Have YOU read these stories?

24 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes of My Short Stories

  1. This was super cool! I usually come up with ideas in my head, since I get a lot of them. XD I love writing short stories, because after I try writing a story, I just decide I don’t like it and leave it. But short stories are shorter, and easier to share on blogs! 😀

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    1. Thanks Arabella! I’ve done the same thing with most of my stories, just not as recently 🙂 Same here!! A full-length novel takes so much patience and creativity that I almost always hit a block and never finish it. Very true!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know! Right now I’m making a story of short stories. I also like writing picture books because they’re fun to write, and easy! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m definitely going to spend some of my Sunday reading the short stories. 😊 You made this seem so fun and I could sense your enthusiasm and the bubbly feels for your work. That’s so awesome and brave of you. My short stories end up unfinished in a drawer in my desk. But yay for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That means a lot to me, Gloria! Thank you 😊 I definitely enjoy writing and sharing them, I’m glad that shined through! You should share some short stories, I’m sure they’re great💖


  3. Oooh, that’s awesome! Short stories are so fun to write, but then I sometimes turn them into longer stories and then it’s like 12 pages long when I wanted it to be 4-5, haha.

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  4. I wish I had your talent for creative writing. 😉 I am better at writing about moments that happen in real life, but the thing is, interesting/amazing/inspiring moments don’t exactly happen on a daily basis, so I don’t generally have much writing material there. I would like to write poetry, but I have trouble sticking to any kind of meter. Which is why I like haikus; short and sweet, and not difficult to write. That reminds me; I used to write a “haiku of the day” sometimes based on ‘s Word of the Day, I need to start doing that again. Oh, and I had a narrative essay I wrote for English that I wanted to post, I should get on that. As you can see, your post has reminded me of all the stuff I need to do. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This was a great article. I always wondered how other writers write. I’m a stock photographer myself, so sometimes I use an old photo from my library to prompt a story, and other times I just write a story and go out searching for the perfect photo to fit. It makes a great excuse to go on mini adventures.

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