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‘I Love You’ – A Short Story

This is part three of ‘Doors Away.’ ❀ Enjoy!

Kneeling beside the edge of the pool, she smiled at her reflection in the murky waters. Her rain boots were strapped securely around her feet, and she knew that her companion was just behind her on the trail. Even though he had warned her to stay away from the cold water, especially on these smooth stones, she couldn’t resist admiring the way it all cascaded downhill.

The wind began to pick up, and it was then that she finally looked up, silently admiring the view that stretched out before her. The nearby trees, coupled with the distant mountains enclosed in fog, would make a beautiful painting. It was now, as she pulled her gloves tighter on her fingers, that she wished she’d brought her sketchbook along, but it was back in the truck. Instead of voicing this, she softly stated: “Que c’est beau!

“Why is it that when I want to understand you the most,” a deep voice behind her said, “I can’t understand a word?”

She began to topple forward, but then, squealing in surprise, fell against a strong outstretched arm. Glancing up, she looked into the eyes of her beloved, his silhouette sharpened against the stark white sky. She could just barely make out the grin that brightened his kind face.

Slowly standing up, still supported by his arm, she began to pull away, but then found herself being hugged. His flannel shirt and vest warmed her cheek as she snuggled up against him, and the faint scent of his cologne reached her nose amidst the cold mountain air. After a moment, she tilted her head back and found herself in a kiss.

“Do you have any more surprises for me?” she whispered, overwhelmed with emotion.

Smiling at her, he casually turned toward the view that surrounded them, pretending to think intently. “Yes,” he said decidedly after a moment. “Just one.” He looked at her again, rubbing the condensation away from his glasses.

She waited, but he just kept smiling. “What is it?” she said slowly, her lips tilting into a funny grin that matched his.

Taking one step back from her and clapping his gloved fingers together, he caught her gaze. “I’m going to learn French. So that I can really talk to you,” he added, sheer love for her filling his eyes.

She gasped, unable to stop her jaw from dropping. “You are serious?”

“Yes! I’m completely serious.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, his tone growing heartfelt. “I want to know what it’s like to really hear you speak. I want to know every thought that comes to your mind before it’s translated into English. Do you know how much is lost in translation?”

She felt her head shake slowly in response, emotion stopping her from talking.

His smile reflected the love in both of their hearts. Heartbeats later, he whispered, “What are you thinking now?”

A small laugh escaped her lips as slow tears made their way down her cold cheeks. “Je t’aime.”

32 replies on “‘I Love You’ – A Short Story”

Thank you so much, Hannah!!! πŸ’š I’m happy you liked it! And thank you for the feedback, it’s so cool when you successfully transport readers into the characters’ lives πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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β€œI want to know what it’s like to really hear you speak. I want to know every thought that comes to your mind before it’s translated into English. Do you know how much is lost in translation?”

I simply ADORE this bit. πŸ’™πŸ’™Good job, Maggie!

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