Happy October! | Posting Every Day + Blog Updates

Happy October! | Posting Every Day + Blog Updates

Hello there, and happy October to you! ❀ I have some exciting announcements to share with you today! (If you haven’t read this post, you may be confused. lol, it will clear up any confusion for you!) To get this little update party started, haha, I’ll go ahead and share the biggest news:

I’m posting on my blog every day in October!

This may seem like a lot for a girl who just had two months off lol, but that’s the thing – because I haven’t posted in weeks, I’ll have plenty of posts to share every day of this month!

Because October is, by far, my favorite month out of the year, I’m honestly the happiest around this time. The weather is perfect; I get to wear sweaters and snuggle up in blankets; I enjoy doing photoshoots surrounded by the beautiful outdoor scenery; and there are all sorts of fun blog posts to write! I realized that it would help me to get back in the groove of blogging by doing what I completely enjoyed last year. (Special thanks to my mom for encouraging me to do so! ❀ )

Writing blog posts is extremely therapeutic for me on many levels. Just as long as I’m writing for me and not only for an audience (which is awesome when done in moderation!), this will be the perfect way to spend my October. I’m excited to bring you along on all the fun things Dreaming of Guatemala has to offer this fall! (Or autumn, depending on where you live πŸ˜‰ )

That important announcement aside, there are a few other things I’d like to update you on in relation to my blog. They are informative, behind-the-scene-type updates which I knew were worth sharing!

Current Blogging Updates

  1. I am in the process of re-following bloggers. If you and I were reading each other’s posts before I took my blogging break, there’s a huge chance I’ll be coming by your blog very soon to follow you again! I’m currently in the process of re-shaping my Reader (whose blogs I see in my feed every day), and I’m excited to get back into the habit of reading everyone’s awesome content.
  2. I’m going to be responding to comments twice a day. This will immensely help me to be present in my real life and not constantly have my phone in hand! While I prefer to reply to people as soon as they’ve commented, it’s not healthy for me to be looking at WordPress that much. lol
  3. I currently moderate all comments before they’re published. I wanted to mention this to clear up any confusion that may arise! Doing this helps me to not miss any comments, as well as enabling me to catch any negativity in the discussion section of my posts before others see it. So, when your comment doesn’t show up immediately, don’t worry – I’ve received it!
  4. My blogging schedule is a work in progress, so I still don’t know what kinds of posts I’ll write. And that’s okay – I’m willing to brainstorm for a while and just share posts as I think of them! I definitely want to create some new series, and maybe even update old posts! I’m slowly deciding what will work for me πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for reading! I can already tell we’re going to have an awesome month ahead. ❀ I’m looking forward to writing posts in the upcoming days, but I’m also stoked about seeing what everyone else writes on their blogs, as well!

Let me know in the comments below:

What are YOU up to this October?

happy blogging!

52 thoughts on “Happy October! | Posting Every Day + Blog Updates

  1. I LOVE October ❀ and Autumn in general – it's my favourite season of all and it just speaks to my soul. I feel like this month will be a month where I'll try to solve some studying-working problems but I'm also excited because there might be two short trips comming up. xx

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  2. Happy October to you too!❀️ it’s great to know I’m not the only one who plans to post every day this October πŸ˜… God help us!

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      1. Aw that’s great! ❀ We’ve been doing well lately! Since I got more comfortable with driving alone over the spring and summer, I’ve been taking my siblings a bunch of places, so that has been fun!

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      2. Awww that’s so sweet of you to take them to places! And that’s awesome that you’re practicing driving alone. I remember I was always scared to drive and honestly still can be at time (snow is still so scary for me!) but practicing and gaining confidence has really helped!

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      3. Yeah, we really enjoy it! 😊 I definitely have my moments, haha (traffic does get scary at times!), but as a whole, I’m very comfortable with driving now. Gosh, I’m sure snow is scary!! I’ve yet to drive in those conditions since Georgia only gets snow bi-yearly.

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      4. You are so lucky! I’ve seen so many accidents because of snow and ice. Even rain and people go crazy too haha. But it’s just saying alert and not panicking and you’ll be fine!


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