I’m Back! + Where Have I Been?

Hi there! ❀ If you’re seeing this post pop up in your Reader, then I am certain that you’re completely surprised! For lack of a better introduction … I’m back!!!

I Thought I Was Done

Two months ago, I shared a post that told everyone who came across it that I was finished with this blog. It made me so sad to post, but I also knew that it was the right thing to do – the Lord confirmed it in my heart.

I spent these last several weeks believing it was a permanent decision … for the most part.

It brought me peace to say that I was done, and limiting my interactions with others online was what I needed. However, while I may have been “okay” to be done with a blog that I had previously adored, it was in an act of surrender to the Lord’s will that I went through with it.

… But I Missed It

I was more than willing to do what He had shown me, even though it greatly affected me. I spent these last two months doing a lot of soul-searching, praying, and spending time with my family. I tried out new things online and I pursued new hobbies. I had good, uplifting days, and I had bad, confusing days. I brought countless things before the Lord and I learned much more than I’ll ever be aware of. No matter where I went, however, I kept coming back to the topic of blogging.

I love writing. It’s something I’ll always do, both online and on paper, for as long as I live, and there’s something beautiful about blogging that attracts me to it. Whatever I may be writing about, it does me well to put my hands to work and let my thoughts out. Whether I’m writing to others, for others, or for myself, I benefit greatly from it.

Even though I didn’t begin feeling it until now, I missed this blog – I truly did. And there’s a reason for this, as well.

It was in a short, Spirit-filled conversation I had with my mom yesterday that brought me here.

Now It’s Time To Return

I had no idea I was even taking a break – all this time, I thought I’d made a permanent transition! But staying away from Dreaming of Guatemala, while 100% beneficial for these last two months, caused me to feel like an important element of my life was missing.

There’s an important reason why the Lord wanted me to be away from this blog for the later part of the summer, which is something I’ll write about in the posts to come. I can’t wait to share it all with you!

It’s really going to be weird to be back. It’s so strange to even be writing this post! But it feels so right. ❀

If you’d still like to follow along on the journey that is my life, I’d be more than happy to have you here! There will be different changes I’ll be making around here, but the vision I’ve always had for my blog (which is inspiring others and sharing my life) will remain the same. I still want to go to Guatemala someday (haha), and I’m still just as passionate about blogging as I was before – if not more so now!

If you have any questions or would just like to chat, I’d love to talk to you! Please comment down below!

— Maggie

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yay!! that’s awesome news, Maggie! i’m so excited that we can see your awesome posts pop up in the reader again ❀️ i’m so glad you’re back! soph x

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