I’m Back! + Where Have I Been?

I’m Back! + Where Have I Been?

Hi there! ❤ If you’re seeing this post pop up in your Reader, then I am certain that you’re completely surprised! For lack of a better introduction … I’m back!!!

I Thought I Was Done

Two months ago, I shared a post that told everyone who came across it that I was finished with this blog. It made me so sad to post, but I also knew that it was the right thing to do – the Lord confirmed it in my heart.

I spent these last several weeks believing it was a permanent decision … for the most part.

It brought me peace to say that I was done, and limiting my interactions with others online was what I needed. However, while I may have been “okay” to be done with a blog that I had previously adored, it was in an act of surrender to the Lord’s will that I went through with it.

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