The Quality Of Our Time

The Quality Of Our Time

Hi there! I hope you’re having a fantastic day. ❤ In this post, I will be sharing with you something that has been deeply on my heart lately. It was on a recent car ride home with my mom that a conversation came up that really inspired both of us. By the end of our chat, the way I view something very precious in my life was completely changed. Can you guess what the topic is?

Yes, the title states it clearly: TIME.

How, where, and what we spend our time doing is extremely crucial in all of our lives. Some days, time flies; other days, it crawls. But without a shadow of a doubt, it never stops.

As I’m sure you have seen in your own life, time passes differently depending on what you’re doing. If you’re waiting for that awesome package to arrive in the mail, the delivery truck cannot arrive quickly enough. If you’re out having coffee with a dear friend, the hours are gone before you realize it, the whole outing feeling as if you’ve just arrived at the café.

And then there are days when everything is so normal, so absolutely ordinary that time seems to go at the pace it does when nothing exciting or troubling is occurring: it just is.

When I identify the biggest time-waster in my life – the things or activities I dedicate too much of my time to – I’m able to lay it all on one thing: electronics.

You’d think that being so productive would not fly by so quickly. When I finish writing a killer blog post over watching funny videos on YouTube, shouldn’t the time that passes for those activities feel different? Shouldn’t it depend solely upon the activity we’re partaking in? I’d think so.

But it doesn’t.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about how time passes when I’m on my phone, working on my laptop, watching a movie, or playing a video game. I’ve realized that I lose so much precious time when I do these things without limiting myself. When I allow my creativity to run wild, or I’ve had a stressful day and I decide to watch some videos, I’m allowing myself to get sucked into probably the biggest time-waster there is.

Screens steal so much more time than what they are worth – which is why we need to be careful.

Recently, I was horrified by the fact that fifteen minutes spent reading a book felt like an hour, while scrolling down my phone for an hour felt like fifteen minutes.

Isn’t that crazy?

Time is precious – it truly is. There are so many more beautiful things that we can dedicate our time to over our electronic devices. They are extremely useful, helpful, and needed in many circumstances, but as I have increasingly seen in my own life, there is so much joy to be found in putting my phone aside and simply living in the present. Whether I’m with my family, reading a book, or listening to an old favorite music CD, there is greater happiness to be found in spending time participating in quality activities. Instead of passing the time, let’s live in this time.

Make each moment count. Make the effort to be able to look back on yesterday, even the week before and be able to see all of the little, real life things you accomplished. More than anything else, I’m praying that we would strive to truly live out our lives and not just make it through each day. May we be thankful for the past, eagerly anticipate the future, and still be aware of the fact that the present is where we are to live.

I truly hope you have a beautiful day!

— Maggie

15 thoughts on “The Quality Of Our Time

  1. I agree with this post so much. I think that, nowadays, we spend more time on electronics than anything else. That really needs to change. I remember when I was little I used to spend about 8 hours (a day!!) on the computer, playing videogames. It was like an addiction. Now I’m starting to realize that our time is very important, and it should be spend doing better things.
    Thank you for this very insightful post, Maggie!

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  2. This was really inspiring to read Maggie! it really opens your mind up to how much we do let urselves stray with hours on social media when really we could be letting our mind be creative and flow…

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  3. This is so so true. Funny enough, I’ve just recently thought about it as well. I am currently staying at home A LOT due to the nature of my profession. It felt great at first – you are getting paid for doing nothing, just sitting on your ass… but it quickly became extremely boring. And then I thought that I have so much free time I should seriously use it well so I have no regrets once this part of my life passes and I have very little time for myself. As you said – it’s important to spend your days in a way which will allow you to wake up the next day and think “I am slightly better/more knowledgeable/fitter/smarter than yesterday”.

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  4. This is so on point with my day! We originally had planned on going to an all-day, outdoor, rock music festival…but I haven’t been feeling well lately and woke up extra weak this morning. We unfortunately had to change our plans due to how down I was feeling, but ended up going to colonial Williamsburg instead! It was such a chill, beautiful day and my sweet boyfriend made it even better by suggesting we go and not being mad at me for us missing the concerts. Our time was much better spent walking the historical grounds at our own pace than rocking out in the hot sun while feeling under the weather haha

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  5. It is definitely true our focus can easily slip away from where it needs to be.

    Speaking of your mom, I miss her blog 🙂 A couple of days ago, I had a friend who is considering sharing her trouble pregnancy story to reach others, and I was suggesting your mom’s blog to her, but then realized the blog is unavailable.

    It’s completely okay ❤ I just want to let your mom know she is missed, and I greatly enjoyed her past sharing from stories and tips. 🙂

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  6. This is absolutely insightful. I feel guilty when I spend so much time on my phone but I can’t really help it most times. It’s really just so difficult to control the urge to look into the phone!!!

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  7. I do believe we must value time more and generally we tend to lose sight of this value due to excessive screen time. Anything in moderation is great. I could watch anime for six hours but I don’t believe that’s wrong, per se. If it makes you happy, do it. But don’t do anything excessively. I moderate my anime hours for praying, and spending time with family, writing etc. Great post Maggie!

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    1. I agree with you wellcolourmeyellow. Anime or binge watching do make us happy, but steal a lot of our precious time. Everything should be in moderation!

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  8. Beautiful and true post! Yeah, time flies by, and we should make every minute and every hour useful, spend it well 🙂 You’re very right that time passes faster when we use electronics like mobiles, computers or TVs, and, unfortunately, we waste our precious time then… We have to be careful. We should read a book or go out rather instead of scrolling down our phones 😉

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  9. I could relate to your post so much. Screens do take a lot of our time. We should focus more in the present. Great work, Maggie. Keep writing! 🙂

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