I’m Finished With This Blog

Hi. ❤ The topic of this post is going to be a solemn, bittersweet one, but it is something I know I must talk about!

Since the month of July began, I have been doing a lot of thinking about one thing in particular: BLOGGING. Scarcely have I thought of it more – you’d think that would be impossible! Being the writer on Dreaming of Guatemala has made it hard for my thoughts to not come back around to the topic of blogging since the day I created it – that’s how much I’ve loved it.

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Spotlight Saturday – Savannah from Rejoicing in Hope

Spotlight Saturday – Savannah from Rejoicing in Hope

Hi there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend 🙂 In this post, I had the privilege of interviewing a kindhearted blogger with a beautiful soul. Her inspirational posts add so much light to my Reader – I’m thankful to have met her! If you’re looking for a new blogger to follow who will encourage and motivate you, I highly recommend that you go and check out this one!

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The Quality Of Our Time

The Quality Of Our Time

Hi there! I hope you’re having a fantastic day. ❤ In this post, I will be sharing with you something that has been deeply on my heart lately. It was on a recent car ride home with my mom that a conversation came up that really inspired both of us. By the end of our chat, the way I view something very precious in my life was completely changed. Can you guess what the topic is?

Yes, the title states it clearly: TIME.

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Giveaway Winner!

Hi there! I hope you’re having a great day! ❤ It’s time to announce the giveaway winner! I’d like to thank everyone who entered. I enjoyed hosting my first giveaway!

And the winner is …

Hannah from Crafts of all Seasons!

Congratulations, girl!! 😀 I hope you enjoy having a printable of your choice from Oxria’s shop! She will be in contact with you very soon.

Thanks for reading!

— Maggie

Whose Language I’m Learning

Whose Language I’m Learning

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Sunday. ❤ It has been quite a while since I wrote a post on my language-learning journey, which means that this is the first time in a long time that the ‘Spanish’ category on my blog has been added to, haha!

In the year and a half that I’ve been seriously teaching myself Central American Spanish through the wonderful app that is Memrise, I have occasionally taken long, unplanned breaks. This has assisted me not only in continuing to love the language, but also in my dedication toward learning it.

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