There Will Be Joy Again (Walking Through The Valley)

Hi there! I hope you’re having a beautiful Monday. ❤ This past Saturday, I planned out all the post ideas I’d love to share throughout this whole upcoming week. I’m excited to write them and post them – they’re going to be awesome!

To start off this epic bout of productivity (haha), I brought an uncompleted post idea I’ve wanted to write for a while out of my phone’s notes. I’m very happy to get to share the completed version with you today. ❤ Enjoy!

I came up with the title of this post while praying one night. It was made known to me that no matter what we are facing, there are still great things to come.

Seasons of our lives often feel like they’ll last forever, but that has never proven true in my life! Things have ended up going on for longer than I would have preferred … but those are the exact same situations that truly taught me to rely on the Lord and my family.

There are few things that will cause us to turn to Him more than hardship. When we are hurting, we seek Him.

I have noticed that recently in my life, there have been several things that I have brought and to the Lord and laid them down at His feet. I knew I couldn’t face those situations alone, and the only reason I ended up being able to was solely because of Him.

There have been ups and downs in each of the events that come to mind, and I certainly had my faults scattered throughout the whole of them. Despite this, I am still able to credit my strength, confidence, and peace to the One Whom I absolutely love.

Over the years, I have slowly began to notice a distinct, yet unpredictable, pattern in my walk with Him. I consistently experience seasons of rejoicing, wandering, and running back. There is no in-between.

To define this more clearly, I’m either being content in Him, abandoning the path He has for me, or desperately running home to His arms.

I either love being with Him, wish I was with Him, or am doing my best to return to Him.

If I feel that strongly, how could I ever leave in the first place?

It’s interesting looking back at my own progress as a child of God, for I know that each individual person’s story is deeply different. When I see mine, I’m aware of how far I’ve come, and how far I still greatly desire to go. I see how patient He always is with me, and I am constantly being blown away by His mercy and love.

In evaluating how I face troubling situations, I see that one of the first things I do is turn to the Lord … but I almost never allow it to rest there.

I’ll pick the situation back up, turn it over in my hands a few thousand times, then attempt to fix things with a prayer here and there. It’s in my heart, but with my mind racing a hundred miles a minute, it isn’t long before I’ve got my hands back on the issue. Instead of resting in His peace, control and timing, I desire to care for it myself and restore my well-being … right now. However, this habit has never and WILL never assist me in following the Lord’s plans for my life. 

Among all of the other things He is teaching me, I can now see the extreme importance of leaving what makes me happy, what scares me, what saddens me, and everything else in His hands. When I allow Him to work without questioning everything over His shoulder, I am in a much better place.

Even when we’re in a dark time in our lives, it is so important that we hold onto hope. For there will be joy again … at the end of this valley. When we allow the Lord to help us over the mountains in our life, it is then that we shall be victorious. ❤

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this inspiring post 🙂

— Maggie

25 replies on “There Will Be Joy Again (Walking Through The Valley)”

Glad you got to complete it hahaa

Among all of the other things He is teaching me, I can now see the extreme importance of leaving what makes me happy, what scares me, what saddens me, and everything else in His hands.

You did a great job writing that part especially, It’s just so raw. It’s kinda what I like about your posts where you talk about faith and what it means to have one or strive to have one etc etc. It’s the raw love, respect and adoration you have that really stumps me, it’s just beautiful. Great job Maggie x ❤

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Haha same here, girl! ❤ I'm so happy you liked that part. It always blesses me to put those feelings into words because not only does it make it more real to me, it gives me a way to one day look back and see how far I've come. 🙂 Aww thank you so much! Your comment made my day ❤ Thanks Tuba 🙂

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So glad you shared this, Maggie!! How true! It is amazing to see past trials I’ve gone through, how I went to the Lord, how He worked, how He reached out to me, wow, so many HOWS 🙂 One thing I always strive for is to make the current year stronger in my walk with Him than last year. And currently, I’m working on making sure this current month, I grow stronger in Him than last month, and working on today was stronger than yesterday. I’m working on accountability ❤ I know He is worth my time and is so deserving of it when I'm not.

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Thanks girlie!! Yes! Looking back and seeing His hand at work blesses me every time. ❤ That is a beautiful thing to aim for! I would love to do the same in my life. Thank you for inspiring me!

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