The Privilege I’ve Been Given

The Privilege I’ve Been Given

Hey there! ❤ I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend 🙂 With summer having just officially arrived, I can’t help but think about all of the fun possibilities this new season holds for me and my family! I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, we’ll have the chance for all of us to go on a fun vacation together. ❤ However, we have to take into consideration the youngest ones, who find it hard to stay in their car seats for too long. (In fact, I’m not the biggest fan of long car rides either. haha!) Even if we don’t take an official “vacation” of sorts, I’m certain that we’ll have fun going out on at least one day trip. 🙂 You’ll have to let me know what you’re planning to do this summer! Intro aside, I’m happy to introduce you to today’s post. I hope that you enjoy!

The Privilege I’ve Been Given

Late last month, I graduated from high school. Yes! I’ve finally reached the point in my education that every kid dreams of – THE END. Haha, and this was not a jab at my mother, who wonderfully educated me for nearly fifteen years. It was simply that being finished with school sounded so exciting! And it is exciting!

However, now that I’m here, I feel as if I’ve reached this immense fork in the road. In fact, it’s not even forked.

It’s as if the tapestry of my structured life has unraveled from this point onward into a massive array of various strands.

The possibilities of what could (and maybe should) come next is, quite frankly, overwhelming. For the first time ever, I have become dizzy by how much I’m focusing on how I will spend my future … instead of being at peace in the present.

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I have noticed that throughout my life, when things are going according to the Lord’s plan for me, everything arrives in perfect timing, which allows me to take each thing in stride. If many awesome things were to happen at once, I would struggle to get a footing. However, since this is the case, shouldn’t I be perfectly happy with meeting each new thing as they come? Apparently not.

Because as I’ve gone through whatever comes my way, I either feel like too much is happening at once, or that nothing is happening at all.

Reaching this place in my life has brought me to do a whole lot of thinking. I can just feel the adrenaline pumping as I consider colleges, jobs, volunteer opportunities, new life choices, financial decisions, family obligations – my gosh, that is quite the roller coaster!

But what if I stopped looking to society to show me how to spend my eighteenth year of life? What if I simply looked at where the Lord is currently leading me and my family, which I believe with my whole heart is the perfect road for us?

I’d be in a much, much better place emotionally and mentally – even spiritually.

While I have for the longest time adored doing my own thing, turning eighteen has caused me to wonder if maybe I should follow the crowd. For over a year now, I have been open to the possibility of going to college, and I even have my sight set on a particular one.

Bringing this request before the Lord has ended up bearing extreme resemblance to my prayers to one day visit Guatemala.

Wait. It will happen in My perfect timing.

There are multiple prayers that come to mind when I think about things the Lord is having me wait on. Some of them I am still waiting for, and others have already been absolutely beautifully fulfilled! But for all the ones that still make my heart soar at the thought of them, I have full peace that He will be faithful to bring those things to pass, in accordance with His will, when the time comes … just as He did for the things He’s already given me.

My desire to write this post was fueled by the thoughts I’ve been having on what a privilege it is to be still living at home for at least another year. Taking a gap year certainly has its benefits! Here is what I’ve come up with ❤

  • I have time to prepare for college. I still don’t know when this will be – it may actually be a few years before I pursue this! It will depend on where the Lord calls me, as well as if I can finally decide on a major. haha I can’t tell you how hard it has been to narrow down the lists of classes and majors from various colleges because they all look so interesting to me!
  • I will catch up on skills that need to be perfected. I’m going to be honest here, even though it slightly embarrasses me. I hated math growing up, which means that I did not apply myself as I should have … which has resulted in my stunted, restricted understanding of the mathematical world. Having now realized how much this setback will affect me later in life, I am now hard at work to fix this. I’m making awesome progress, which isn’t surprising, as I knew I could do it before but simply didn’t want to, haha!
  • I am spending time with my siblings. I get to be at home for Joshua’s teenage years, Samuel’s childhood, Elizabeth’s toddler years, and Isabella’s entire babyhood. I never took this into consideration when looking into things that would take away my time at home, but because they didn’t work out, I now see what a blessing this time is! These are years I’ll never be able to get back, and quite frankly, I never want to be too far from my family – ever. They mean so much to me. ❤
  • I can get a job and start saving money. I am completely open to starting work either this summer or this upcoming fall – whenever it ends up working out for me! I’m seriously thinking about applying at Dunkin Donuts again, because I legitimately love that place haha
  • I’ll be able to keep sharing three to four posts a week on my blog. Hey, I know this is just a fun bonus, but it’s worth including! I’m absolutely loving getting to spend this much time on my blog weekly, since writing always has been (and I’m sure always will be!) one of my biggest hobbies. I can’t even tell you how many ideas I keep having for new posts, which means that it’s easy to share three to four a week! It’s perfect for my schedule right now ❤

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  • I’m learning how to heal my family relationships. I am now able to see just how much I contribute to the issues that come in the friendships I have with all my family members. Since I am feeling much more open to allowing the Lord to work in my heart, I’m already beginning to see my relationships with them transforming for the better, and it is beyond a blessing to me.

These were just a few of the reasons why I am extremely grateful to still be living at home. ❤ I am excited to see where the Lord is taking me, because it always ends up being much more beautiful than I could ever imagine! For now, I am looking to the present, and as I have expressed above, I know I will thrive where He has me right now. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have a beautiful day.

— Maggie

44 thoughts on “The Privilege I’ve Been Given

  1. What a great mindset, Maggie! I took 4 years off between high school and college and it was quite possibly the best decision I’ve ever made! I know that you will succeed in anything that you do and I can’t wait to watch your journey unfold! xo

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  2. You have such a beautiful outlook on your life and what God has called you to do! I have no doubt this will bring you great joy, no matter where you’re called to go. CONGRATULATIONS on your graduation!!!!!!!! 🎉

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  3. Praise the Lord, Maggie! I remember last year when you were opening up about anger and frustration in not seeing His plan. But it’s so meaningful when God gives us those pieces of clarity, “THIS is why I did this for you.” And I’m so happy and glad that you are seeing the fruit and truth of His hand. Congrats on graduating! I can’t wait to hear how everything is going to go!

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  4. This is such a lovely, positive post. Love your mindset, Maggie! I’m sure everything you dream of will come true! And it’s so exciting to hear that you’ve finished highschool! I have 2 years to go and can’t wait, haha!

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  5. Congrats on graduating from high school girl!! Proud of you and am excited what’s in store for you in these upcoming years 🙂 Love the positivity that you always spread in your posts ❤

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  6. What a beautiful soul you are, Maggie!❤️ You are such a wonderful example for your siblings and other young people (and even some older than you😉)! Many blessings on you as you follow God’s path for your life!🙏🏼

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  7. I am glad you have the courage and family support to take a year gap. Even though I am happy and content with what I do, I sometimes feel that maybe I should have taken a year off too. Maybe things would have been different, or it may have been just the same, who knows. Anyway, my best wishes on the rest of your journey.

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