Teach Me To Be Gentle

Teach Me To Be Gentle

Teach me to be mindful
of every word I say.
Teach me to pause in moments of anger
and simply stop to pray.

Teach me to care for
my siblings when they’re sad.
Teach me to think first
instead of getting mad.

Teach me that there’s more to life
than how I tend to feel.
Teach me to change my perspective
into one that is purely real.

Teach me to be kind
even when others are not.
Teach me to be optimistic
even when it’s on the spot.

Teach me to forgive
and to let go of the past.
Teach me that resentful feelings
were never meant to last.

Teach me to be gentle,
It’s what I desire to be –
For I know that Your power
is made strong in me.

I wrote this poem while pondering my responses to life these last few weeks. There have been struggles, hardships, and confusion, but throughout it all, it has been how I’ve felt and replied to everything that has been affecting me. I have been easily irritable and pessimistic for a while now, and I’m finally realizing that it isn’t WHAT I’m facing but HOW I’m facing it that’s ruining my emotional well-being. While I wouldn’t say that my last month was horrible – I wouldn’t have been blogging normally if that had been true 🙂 – it was certainly tainted with quick, negative responses and hurt feelings. Writing this poem (I’m not a poet, so this is a new experience for me haha) has immensely inspired me to change how I look at my life. It blessed me to write, and I hope that sharing it with you can be an encouragement, as well. ❤

Thanks for reading!

— Maggie

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