‘First’ – A Short Story

This is part two of ‘Doors Away.’ ❤ Enjoy!

“I didn’t know this place existed!” She stepped up onto the concrete, angling herself as close as she could to the sparkling water.

“That’s understandable,” he said, and she noticed when he grinned slightly. “You just moved here.”

She turned toward him again and graced him with a upbeat smirk. “Eh bien,” she said softly, using her favorite French phrase. “That’s probably obvious, isn’t it?”

The late afternoon light caught his glasses as he shook his head. She watched him lick his ice cream cone and absently shake his auburn bangs away from his forehead. “I wouldn’t say that,” he said, but she saw the twinkle in his eye.

Hopping down off the ledge, she returned to his side, both resuming their casual stroll. “You can tell me,” she said confidently. “Do I really look like a foreigner?”

He shook his head. “Hardly,” he continued, biting into the cone.

“My, you are quite the conversational one,” she drawled.

He looked up, although she struggled to catch his glance through the guarded expression he wore. “I’m sorry.” He suddenly grinned good-naturedly. “‘Tis not my fault you finished your ice cream first.”

They walked on, their laughter filling the air with contentment.

30 replies on “‘First’ – A Short Story”

Waaah, I love this!! Can’t wait to read more!
Have you ever considered writing a book someday (maybe one with your short stories)? I would definitely read it – and I’m sure I’m not the only one! Your stories are so well written and interesting! ❤ 😀

Liked by 1 person

Aww hehe, thanks Jo!! ❤ I’m doing really well! My diet hasn’t completely returned to normal, haha (it’s still very soft 🙂 ), but my teeth and jaw are definitely healing. Thank you for asking!


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